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1. dirección (f) domicilio (m) (of person, letter)
  • address book agenda (f) de direcciones
2. alocución (f) discurso (m) (speech)
  • form of address tratamiento (m) (when speaking to somebody)
transitive verb
3. dirigir (letter, remarks, criticism) (to a)
4. dirigirse a (speak to) (person, crowd)
  • he addressed her as “Your Majesty” le dio el tratamiento de “Su Majestad”
5. abordar (question, problem)
  • to address oneself to something abordar algo
address [əˈdres]
1 [of house etc] dirección (f); señas (f)
she isn't at this address any more ya no vive en esta casa
2 (speech) discurso (m); (lecture) conferencia (f)
election address (speech) discurso (m) electoral; (leaflet) carta (f) de propaganda electoral
3 (Parl) etc petición (f); memorial (m)
4 (title)
form of address tratamiento (m)
5 (Comput) dirección (f)
absolute/relative address dirección (f) absoluta/relativa
6 (skill) destreza (f); habilidad (f)
7 (manners) modales (m); (behaviour) conducta (f); comportamiento (m)
to pay one's addresses to hacer la corte a; pretender a
transitive verb
1 [+letter] (direct) dirigir;to a; (put address on) poner la dirección en
the letter was addressed to the editor la carta iba dirigida al director; I addressed it to your home lo mandé a tu casa; this is addressed to you esto viene con or a su nombre; this letter is wrongly addressed esta carta lleva la dirección equivocada; I haven't addressed it yet todavía no le he puesto la dirección
2 [+person] (speak to) dirigirse a
are you addressing me? ¿se está usted dirigiendo a mí?; the judge addressed the jury el juez se dirigió al jurado
(make a speech to) [+audience] pronunciar un discurso ante
to address the House (Parl) pronunciar un discurso en el Parlamento
to address sb as "tú" tratar a algn de "tú"; tutear a algn; to address sb by his proper title dar el debido tratamiento a algn
to address o.s. to [+person] dirigirse a; [+problem, task] aplicarse a
3 [+remarks] dirigir
please address your complaints to the manager se ruega dirijan sus reclamaciones al director
4 [+problem] abordar
address book (n) librito (m) de direcciones; agenda (f)
address commission (n) (Comm) comisión que se paga al agente fletador por su tarea de embarque
address label (n) etiqueta (f) para la dirección
order change of address cards and new address labels frantic efforts ensued to find the right address labels and recall the errant documents have the catalog from which you're ordering at hand; the operator may ask for encoded information on the address label
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