1. (activity) 
Enough talk. I'm ready for some action.Basta de hablar. Estoy lista para la acción.
b. la práctica (F) (plan or idea) 
It's a good opportunity to put my ideas into action.Es una buena oportunidad para poner mis ideas en práctica.
2. (deed) 
a. el acto (M) 
You're now an adult and therefore responsible for your actions.Ahora eres ya un adulto y, por lo tanto, responsable de tus actos.
3. (steps) 
The action taken by the government proved to be ineffective.Las medidas adoptadas por el gobierno resultaron ser ineficaces.
The situation demanded immediate action by the police.La situación requería una actuación policial inmediata.
4. (plot) 
The action of the film was set in Rome.La acción de la película transcurría en Roma.
5. (military) 
They took military action against several of their neighboring countries.Emprendieron acciones militares contra varios de los países vecinos.
Military action in a foreign country is always a controversial matter.La intervención militar en un país extranjero es siempre un tema controvertido.
6. (legal) 
We will take legal action against anyone spreading false information.Emprenderemos una acción judicial en contra de todo el que divulgue información falsa.
7. (operation) 
Press the button to make the action stop.Pulsa el botón para detener el funcionamiento.
8. (device) 
The action of the watch is very complex.El mecanismo del reloj es muy complejo.
9. (physics) 
Every action produces an equal but opposite reaction.Toda acción produce una reacción igual y opuesta.
10. (chemistry) 
a. el efecto (M) 
The action of the drug on the nervous system is still unknown.Todavía se desconoce el efecto del medicamento en el sistema nervioso.
11. (colloquial) (exciting activity) 
a. la marcha (F) (colloquial) 
I was looking for some action but everything was closed.Iba en busca de marcha, pero todo estaba cerrado.
12. (gesture) 
a. el gesto (M) 
Each action or movement was an effort for her.Cualquier gesto o movimiento le suponía un gran esfuerzo.
transitive verb
13. (to take action on) 
Your advice has been actioned.Tus consejos han sido puestos en práctica.
The plan was actioned early last year.El plan se puso en marcha a principios del pasado año.
14. (cinema) 
Lights, camera, action!Luces, cámara, ¡acción!
1. (individual act) 
a. la acto m, acción (F) 
to be responsible for one's actionsser responsable de los propios actos
2. (prov) 
a. no direct translation 
actions speak louder than wordshechos son amores y no buenas razones
3. (activity) 
a. la acción (F) 
to take actionactuar
in actionen acción
to go into actionponerse en acción
to be out of actionno funcionar
to put a plan into actionponer en marcha un plan
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
they were looking for some actionestaban buscando acción
5. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
action planplan de acción
6. (military) 
a. el (acción de) combate (M) 
to see actionentrar en combate
missing in actiondesaparecido(a) en combate
action stationspuestos de combate
7. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
action stations!¡a sus puestos or
8. (of film, novel) 
a. la acción (F) 
9. (television) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
action replayrepetición f
10. (law) 
a. la demanda (F) 
to bring an action against somebodyponer una demanda a alguien, demandar a alguien
action [ˈækʃən]
1 (activity)
the time has come for action ha llegado el momento de hacer algo or de actuar
when shall we get some action on this? ¿cuándo se va a hacer algo al respecto?
he needs prodding into action my freedom of action in this matter is very restricted I want to see some action here she claimed she was anxious to avoid any action which might harm him what was needed, he said, was decisive action to halt what he called these savage crimes
into action
they went into action to rescue the climbers intervinieron para rescatar a los alpinistas
hospital staff immediately went into action to save her by the time the airport fire service went into action, the roof had fallen in Heseltine will go into action this week with a series of speeches
to put a plan into action poner un plan en práctica or en marcha; emergency procedures will be put into action las medidas de emergencia serán puestas en marcha
to put democratic principles into action reforms in agriculture in the fifties were put into action against a background of social transformation they have excelled in learning the lessons of business management theory, and putting them into action you ought to put the idea into action straight away Gorbachev put into action policies that will end the shortages
a man of action un hombre de acción
[out of] action
to be out of action [+machinery] no funcionar; estar averiado
the lifts are out of action los ascensores no funcionan or están averiados
out of action no funciona; fuera de servicio
he was out of action for months estuvo sin poder hacer nada durante meses
to [put] sth out of action the transmitter was put out of action factories directly hit by bombs weren't put out of action, at least not for very long the bow of the longboat caught fire as it was swung out over the rail, putting it out of action the damage caused by the explosion put the ship out of action for six months to [put] sb out of action
the illness put him out of action for six months la enfermedad lo dejó seis meses fuera de combate
action stations! ¡a sus puestos!
to [go] to action stations
2 (steps) medidas (f)
emergency action medidas (f) de emergencia
to take action against sb/sth tomar medidas contra algn/algo
if we don't take action now, it will be too late we never thought they would take such drastic action the agency will take such action as it deems necessary to recover its property when people take collective action in rebellion against a particular constraint now is the time to take action to put yourself on a new road if you think a mistake has been made you should take some action Sam decided to take evasive action
their advice is to take no action aconsejan no hacer nada
we have decided to take no further action I would take no action at this stage other than to keep on trying
3 (deed) acto (m)
he wasn't responsible for his actions no era responsable de sus actos; to judge sb by his actions juzgar a algn por sus actos or acciones
he did not like his actions questioned as always, Peter had a reason for his action
to suit the action to the word unir la acción a la palabra
"I've found the technique. Instead of hitting hard, one simply chips lightly and persuades quite small pieces to detach themselves." Suiting the action to the words, he chipped - and a piece of material the size of a sparrow's egg broke free He'd have to see Hannah, Webb thought, and the sooner he got that over, the better. Suiting the action to the thought, he pushed back his chair and strode from the room
actions speak louder than words obras son amores, que no buenas razones
4 (excitement) animación (f); marcha (informal) (f)
they were hoping to find some action esperaban encontrar algo de animación; esperaban encontrar algo de marcha (informal); where's the action in this town? ¿dónde está la marcha en este pueblo? (informal); he likes to be where the action is le gusta estar en medio del meollo (informal)
let's go where the action is vamos a algún sitio donde haya marcha Hollywood is where the action is now
a piece or slice of the action una tajada (informal); una parte de los dividendos
holiday spots have seen a dramatic revival and tourist chiefs are competing for a slice of the action he figured that if the employees owned a piece of the action, they would have an incentive to stay with the corporation and work harder for its success so many people have been clamouring for a slice of the action that allocations of the 11.6m shares have had to be scaled down athletes who've labored for years as amateurs, now want a piece of the action
5 (Mil) (intervention) intervención (f); (engagement) contienda (f); enfrentamiento (m)
we are trying to avoid military action estamos tratando de evitar la intervención militar
leaders in America have generally supported military action if it proves necessary
we didn't know how many men we had lost until the action was over no supimos cuántos hombres habíamos perdido hasta que terminó la contienda or el enfrentamiento
to go into action [+person, unit] entrar en acción or en combate
he left for the front in November 1915 and first went into action in France a month later
[+army, battleship] entrar en acción
the battleship Missouri went into action today for the first time since the Korean War the British Army went into action wrapped in contradictions
wounded/killed in action herido/muerto en acción (de guerra) or en combate
he was awarded a medal for bravery [in] action
to see action luchar
he saw action in North Africa
6 (mechanism) [of piano] transmisión (f); [of clock] mecanismo (m)
I took it in to have the action repaired once the action has been adjusted it will sound a lot better
7 (motion) (gen) movimiento (m); [of horse] marcha (f)
the machine replicates the action of a waterfall
8 (effect, operation) [of acid, drug, elements] efecto (m)
stones worn smooth by the action of water piedras (f) erosionadas por efecto del agua
her description of the nature and action of poisons is amazingly accurate
9 (Jur) (measures) acción (f) judicial; (lawsuit) proceso (m) judicial
the police are not taking any action la policía no va a emprender ninguna acción judicial
two leading law firms are to prepare legal actions against tobacco companies
to bring an action against sb comenzar un proceso judicial contra algn
a libel action brought by one of France's bureaucrats
action for damages demanda (f) por daños y perjuicios
10 (Teat) (Cine) [of play] acción (f)
the action (of the play) takes place in Greece la acción (de la obra) se desarrolla en Grecia; action! (Cine) ¡acción!
11 (Fís) acción (f)
the reaction is equal and opposite to the action
transitive verb
poner en práctica; poner en marcha
matters decided at the meeting cannot be actioned until the following week delays in actioning accident and emergency calls the inquiry led to nothing more than /a report on a shelf, which was never effectively actioned/
action committee (n) comité (m) de acción
Terry Cosgrove heads an abortions rights political action committee in Illinois Richard Viguerie is president of the United Conservatives of America, a right wing political action committee a member of the Parents' Action Committee the National Action Committee on the Status of Women
action film (n) película (f) de acción
it was a good action film
action group (n) grupo (m) de acción
Notting Hill Women's Action Group the Child Poverty Action Group
action man (n) especially hombre (m) de acción
many mens' personalities do not fit this action man profile The Duke of York's glory days as an action man are over he was everyone's idea of action man Ryan's success marks the rise of the thinker over the action man. One cannot imagine him fighting off crocodiles and seducing karate-chopping females Prince Andrew swapped his action man military lifestyle for a desk job yesterday
action movie (n) (US) película (f) de acción
it's a first-rate action movie
action painting (n) tachismo (m)
action point (n) punto (m) a seguir; acción (f) a tomar
action replay (n) (TV) repetición (f) (de la jugada)
let's look at an action replay of that serve
they are hoping the team will produce an action replay of last week's win yesterday the unhappy couple went to Royal Ascot together - it was an action replay of the previous day with Diana sitting at the back of the royal box
repetición (f)
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