transitive verb
1. (to escort) 
An adult should accompany a student at all times.Un adultos deber acompañar a un alumno en todos momentos.
2. (to go together with) 
She has written a book to accompany the television series.Escribió un libro que acompaña la serie televisiva.
3. (to occur at same time as) 
These symptoms should be reported to your doctor, especially if accompanied by fever.Debes informar a tu médico de estos síntomas, sobre todo, si van acompañados de fiebre.
4. (music) 
I will play the sax and my friend will accompany me on the piano.Tocaré el saxo y mi amigo me acompañará al piano.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. acompañar 
accompany [əˈkʌmpənɪ]
transitive verb
1 (escort) acompañar
to be accompanied by sb ir acompañado de algn
2 acompañar
The proposal was instantly voted through, accompanied by enthusiastic applause ...cold accompanied by fever This volume of essays was designed to accompany an exhibition in Cologne
accompanied by acompañado de; he accompanied this with a grimace esto lo dijo acompañado de una mueca; al decir esto hizo una mueca
I took the circular and the accompanying letter to the bank Perhaps the accompanying illustration will explain it
3 (Mús) acompañar;on the violin/piano con el violín/al piano
to accompany o.s. on the piano acompañarse al piano
Verb Conjugations for acompañar
Present Participle: acompañando
Past Participle: acompañado
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