"accompany" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

verbo transitivo
1. acompañar

accompany [a-kóm-pa-ni]
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
1. Asociarse; cohabitar. (n)
va. Acompañar, estar o ir en compañía de otro.

accompany [əˈkʌmpənɪ]
1 (escort) acompañar
to be accompanied by sb ir acompañado de algn
2 acompañar
The proposal was instantly voted through, accompanied by enthusiastic applause ...cold accompanied by fever This volume of essays was designed to accompany an exhibition in Cologne
accompanied by acompañado de; he accompanied this with a grimace esto lo dijo acompañado de una mueca; al decir esto hizo una mueca
I took the circular and the accompanying letter to the bank Perhaps the accompanying illustration will explain it
3 (Mús) acompañar;on the violin/piano con el violín/al piano
to accompany o.s. on the piano acompañarse al piano

Verb Conjugations for "accompany" (go to acompañar)


I accompany I accompanied I will accompany
you accompany you accompanied you will accompany
he/she accompanies he/she accompanied he/she will accompany
we accompany we accompanied we will accompany
you accompany you accompanied you will accompany
they accompany they accompanied they will accompany
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