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1. acento (m) (when speaking); acento (m) tilde (f) (in writing)
  • to put the accent on something hacer hincapié en algo (emphasize)
1 (written) acento (m)
put an accent on the "o" pon un acento sobre la "o"; acute accent acento (m) agudo; written accent acento (m) ortográfico
2 (pronunciation) acento (m)
he has a French accent tiene acento francés; with a strong Andalusian accent con (un) fuerte acento andaluz
with a strong provincial accent
3 (emphasis)
to put the accent on subrayar (la importancia de); recalcar; the minister put the accent on exports el ministro recalcó la importancia de la exportación; this year the accent is on bright colours (Fashion) este año están de moda los colores vivos
4 (tone)
in accents of some surprise en cierto tono de asombro
transitive verb
1 [+syllable, word] acentuar
2 [+need, difference] recalcar; subrayar
3 [+colour, feature] realzar
accent mark (n) acento (m) ortográfico
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