feminine noun
1. (education) 
a. academy 
A pesar de ser expulsado de la academia de arte, se convirtió en un pintor famoso.Despite being expelled from the art academy, he became a famous painter.
b. school 
Yo estudié en el conservatorio y mi hermana en la academia de baile.I studied at the conservatory and my sister at the dance school.
2. (society) 
a. academy 
Según la Real Academia Española, esta palabra es peyorativa.The Royal Spanish Academy defines this word as pejorative.
3. (education) (River Plate) 
La academia rechazó la teoría del científico.The academic world rejected the scientist's theory.
b. academia 
Después de que rechazaran su disertación, decidió salir del mundo de la academia.After his dissertation was rejected, he decided to leave the world of academia.
1. (colegio) 
a. school, academy 
academia de idiomaslanguage school
academia militarmilitary academy
2. (sociedad) 
a. academy 
1 (establecimiento) academy; (Escol) (private) school
la Real Academia the Spanish Academy; la Real Academia de la Historia the Spanish Academy of History
academia de baile dance school
academia de comercio business school
academia de idiomas language school
academia de música school of music; conservatoire
academia militar military academy
2 (sociedad) learned society
In Spain academias are private schools catering for students of all ages and levels outside normal school and working hours. Some specialize in particular skills such as computing, languages and music while others offer extra tuition in core school subjects and syllabuses. For people hoping to do well enough in the oposiciones to get a post in the public sector, there are academias offering special preparatory courses for these notoriously difficult competitive examinations.
note See culture box in entry oposición.
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