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masculine noun
1. season ticket (pase)
  • un abono de diez viajesa ten-journey ticket
  • abono transportetravel pass (for bus, train and underground)
2. fertilizer (fertilizante)
3. payment (pago)
4. credit entry (commerce)
5. installment (plazo) (Mexican Spanish)
  • pagar en abonosto pay by installments
1 (Agr) (fertilizante) manure; fertilizer; (acto) fertilizing; manuring
abono químico chemical fertilizer; artificial manure
2 (Com) (pago) payment; (plazo) instalment; installment; (EEUU) (crédito) credit; (Latinoamérica) (entrega inicial) down payment; deposit
pagar por o en abonos to pay by instalments o installments; (EEUU)
3 (a periódico, revista etc) subscription; (Teat) (Ferro) season ticket
4 (aval) guarantee
5 (México) (recibo) receipt
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