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fan; range


masculine noun
1. fan (para abanicarse)
  • hizo un abanico con los naipes -> he fanned out the cards
2. range (gama)

abanico [ah-bah-nee’-co]
1. A fan. (m)
2. A spritsail. (m)
  • En abanico -> fan-shaped, like a fan
3. Defensive parapet of wood. (Military) (m)
4. Derrick, sheers, a machine used for setting up and taking out masts; crane, outrigger, spritsail. (Nautical) (m)
5. (Phot.) Screen. (m)
6. Winding stairs; semicircular window. (Architecture) (m)
7. Ventilator. (Mineral) (m)

1 (para darse aire) fan
extender las cartas en abanico to fan out one's cards; con hojas en abanico with leaves arranged like a fan
abanico de chimenea fire screen
abanico eléctrico (México) (ventilador) electric fan
2 (gama) range
abanico de posibilidades range of possibilities
abanico de salarios abanico salarial wage scale
3 (Náutica) derrick
4 (Caribe) (Ferro) points signal

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