1. (repentant) 
She said she was sorry she didn't invite me to the wedding.Dijo que estaba arrepentida de no haberme invitado a la boda.
2. (pathetic) 
Her ex-boyfriend left her in such a sorry state.Su ex-novio la dejó un estado lamentable.
3. (used to express regret) 
a. lo siento 
Sorry! I didn't mean to bump you.¡Lo siento! No fue mi intención chocar contra ti.
b. perdón 
I wish I could talk, but I'm late to a meeting. Sorry!Me gustaría poder hablar, pero voy tarde para una reunión. ¡Perdón!
c. disculpa (informal) 
Sorry! I didn't realize this seat was taken.¡Disculpa! No sabía que estaba ocupado este asiento.
d. disculpe (formal) 
Sorry! I didn't mean any offense.¡Disculpe! No pretendía ofenderle.
4. (used to express disagreement) 
a. perdona (informal) 
Sorry, but I don't agree.Perdona, pero no estoy de acuerdo.Perdona, pero no estoy de acuerdo.
b. perdone (formal) 
Sorry, but I think you're misinformed.Perdone, pero creo que le han desinformado.
5. (used to ask someone to repeat) 
a. perdón 
Sorry? I didn't catch what you just said.¿Perdón? No oí lo que acabas de decir.
1. (regretful, disappointed) 
a. no direct translation 
to be sorry about somethinglamentar or sentir algo
I'm sorrylo lamento, lo siento
sorry to keep you waitingsiento haberle hecho esperar
sorry?¿perdón?, ¿cómo dice(s)?
to say sorry (to somebody)pedir perdón (a alguien)
she's sorry she did itsiente mucho haberlo hecho
I'm sorry to hear that…lamento saber que…
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
you'll be sorry!¡te arrepentirás!
3. (sympathetic) 
a. no direct translation 
to feel sorry for somebodysentir pena or lástima por alguien
he felt sorry for himselfse compadecía de sí mismo
4. (pathetic) 
a. lamentable 
to be a sorry sightofrecer un espectáculo lamentable
sorry [ˈsɒrɪ]
sorrier (comparative)sorriest (superlative)
1 (apologetic)
I'm so sorry! ¡lo siento mucho!; ¡perdón!; sorry! ¡perdón!; ¡perdone!; ¡disculpe!; especially (LAm) sorry I'm late! ¡siento llegar tarde!; I'm sorry to bother you but ... siento or (formal) lamento molestarle, pero ...
to be sorry about/for sth sentir algo; lamentar algo (formal)
I'm sorry about what I said last night siento lo que dije anoche; we are sorry for any inconvenience caused lamentamos cualquier molestia ocasionada
I'm sorry about that vase
to say sorry (to sb) (for sth) pedir perdón or disculpas (a algn) (por algo); especially (LAm)
go and say sorry! ¡anda ve y pide perdón or disculpas!; I've said I'm sorry, what more do you want? ya he dicho que lo siento, ¿qué más quieres?
he never even said he was sorry
2 (repentant) arrepentido
he wasn't in the least bit sorry no estaba arrepentido en lo más mínimo
he's truly sorry - he knew it was wrong
you'll be sorry for this! ¡me las pagarás!; ¡te arrepentirás (de esto)!
3 (regretful, sad)
I'm sorry, she's busy at the moment lo siento, en este momento está ocupada; I can't say I'm sorry no puedo decir que lo sienta
to be sorry about sth/sb
I'm sorry about your mother/about what happened siento or (formal) lamento lo de tu madre/lo sucedido
I can't tell you how sorry I am no te puedes hacer una idea de cuánto lo siento
The manager had said he was sorry, there was nothing he could do about it I'm sorry but there's no-one here called Nikki I now feel even sorrier about leaving school He didn't know whether to feel glad or sorry at his dismissal
to be sorry that ... sentir or (formal) lamentar que
I'm sorry he didn't get the job siento que no consiguiera el trabajo
I'm sorry to hear that you're leaving me da pena saber que te vas
we are sorry to have to tell you that ... lamentamos tener que decirle que ...; I was sorry to hear of your accident siento or lamento lo de tu accidente; it was a failure, I'm sorry to say me duele reconocerlo, pero fue un fracaso; no one seemed very sorry to see him go nadie parecía sentir or lamentar mucho que se fuera
I'm sorry to say that the experiment has not been a success `I'm seriously thinking of retiring" - "I'm sorry to hear that" to be sorry
4 (pitying)
to be or feel sorry for sb
I'm sorry for him lo compadezco; I feel sorry for the child el niño me da lástima or pena
I feel sorry for anyone who has to be out on a night like this it's the women and children I feel sorry for to [be] [feel] sorry for o.s.
it's no good feeling sorry for yourself no sirve de mucho lamentarte de tu suerte
How dare you feel sorry for yourself? It was your own fault! it is important for me to get on with my life and not feel sorry for myself
to look sorry for o.s. tener un aspecto triste
he looked very sorry for himself
5 (pitiful)
the garden was a sorry sight el jardín estaba en un estado lamentable; el jardín estaba hecho una pena (informal)
Smith dominated the contest, but at the end he was a sorry sight The primroses reacted to the stress of drought by losing many of their leaves. By August, they were a sorry sight
to be in a sorry state encontrarse en un estado lamentable
she was in a sorry state when we found her the economy's in a sorry state we were in a sorry state when we lost all our money a sorry [state] of [affairs] what a sorry state of affairs! they are responsible for this sorry state of affairs it was a sorry [tale] of mismanagement and inefficiency
he poured out his sorry tale to his mother le contó su triste historia a su madre
it was a sorry tale of defeat He glared at them as if he had never seen such a sorry lot a sorry excuse he was a sorry figure in his soaking wet clothes
6 (when sb has not heard)
sorry, I didn't catch what you said perdón, no entendí lo que dijiste
7 (when correcting o.s.)
it's the third, sorry, the fourth on the left es la tercera, perdón, la cuarta a la izquierda
It's in the southeast, sorry, southwest corner of the USA... The other three suggestions - sorry - I should have said the other two suggestions, were very helpful
8 (when disagreeing)
I'm sorry, I can't agree with you lo siento or perdona, pero no puedo darte la razón
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