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1. fallo (m) (español de España)falla (f) (Am)
  • I think I'll give the cake/film a miss (familiar) creo que voy a pasar de tomar tarta/ver la película
transitive verb
2. no acertar en (target); fallar (shot, penalty) (español de España), errar (Am); perder ; perderse
  • to miss the boat (bus, train, chance)(film, TV program)(sentido figurado) perder el tren (miss opportunity)
  • you've just missed him se acaba de marchar
  • you haven't missed much! no te has perdido mucho
  • you can't miss the house la casa no tiene pérdida
  • you can't miss the turning no puedes confundirte de bocacalle (in city)
  • the boss doesn't miss a thing al jefe no se le pasa or escapa nada
3. no oír, perderse (not hear) (question, remark)
  • to miss the point no entender bien
4. saltarse (omit) (word, line)
5. (avoid)
  • the car just missed me el coche or carro or (Am) auto no me atropelló por poco (CSur)
  • she just missed being killed por poco se mata
6. echar de menos (feel lack of), extrañar (especialmente Am)
  • I miss you te echo de menos, te extraño (especialmente Am)
7. (lack)
  • the table's missing one of its legs a la mesa le falta una pata
intransitive verb
8. (miss target)
  • he shot at me, but missed me disparó, pero no me dio or pero erró
9. (be absent)
  • to be missing faltar
  • nothing is missing no falta nada
miss [mɪs]
1 [of shot] fallo (m)
he scored three hits and two misses tuvo tres lanzamientos acertados y dos fallos; acertó tres tiros y falló dos; he had two bad misses in the first half falló dos tiros fáciles en el primer tiempo
after several misses they finally put two arrows into the lion's chest
a miss is as good as a mile lo mismo da librarse por poco que por mucho
failure to attend, consume etc
to give sth a miss
you could give rehearsals a miss for once por una vez podrías faltar a los ensayos; I'll give the wine a miss this evening esta noche no tomaré vino
we're giving it a miss this year we'll give Madrid/the Prado a miss I'm giving my evening class a miss this week he wished he had given today a miss and stayed in bed
transitive verb
1 (fail to hit) [+target] no dar en
the arrow missed the target la flecha no dio en el blanco; the shot just missed me la bala me pasó rozando; the plane just missed the tower faltó poco para que el avión chocara con la torre
he hurled the ashtray across the room, narrowly missing my head
2 (escape, avoid) evitar
if we go that way we can miss Burgos si tomamos esa ruta podemos evitarnos pasar por Burgos; it seems we missed the bad weather parece que nos hemos escapado del mal tiempo; he narrowly missed being run over por poco lo atropellan; faltó poco para que lo atropellaran
3 (fail to find, take, use etc) [+aim, shot] fallar; [+bus, train, plane, flight] perder; [+opportunity, chance] dejar pasar; perder; [+meeting, class, appointment] faltar a; no asistir a; [+film, match] perderse
he missed a penalty I'd already missed my flight and there wasn't another one till the following morning he missed the last bus home it was too good an opportunity to miss Capriati knew that she had missed her chance of victory he never missed the chance to criticize her
I missed the meeting last week falté a or no asistí a la reunión la semana pasada; I haven't missed a rehearsal in five years no he faltado a un ensayo en cinco años; no me he perdido un solo ensayo en cinco años; don't miss this film no te pierdas or no dejes de ver esta película; we missed our lunch because we were late nos quedamos sin comer porque llegamos tarde; she missed her holiday last year el año pasado no pudo tomarse las vacaciones; you haven't missed much! ¡no te has perdido mucho!
among the charges against Parker is that he missed faculty meetings a parking ticket and a missed meeting are not two of life's great tragedies are you telling me that General Forsythe missed this meeting because he thought it was a waste of time? I've missed so many lectures this term, I don't know if I'll be able to catch up don't miss the Prado "are you coming to the show" - "/I wouldn't miss it for the world/" David has damaged his ankle again and could miss Saturday's game after the accident he began to miss appointments with doctors, not call in their father's been drinking too much, missing appointments at school loss of earnings due to missed appointments
I missed you at the station no te vi en la estación; I missed you by five minutes si hubiera llegado cinco minutos antes te hubiera visto; si hubiera llegado cinco minutos antes te hubiera cogido (informal); (Esp) they missed each other in the crowd no lograron encontrarse entre tanta gente
to miss one's cue (Teat) entrar a destiempo
the actors never miss a cue or lose their balance amid the on-stage chaos she missed her [footing] he missed his footing on the wet planks and fell into the water
we missed the tide nos perdimos la pleamar
to miss one's vocation equivocarse de vocación
you missed your vocation - you should have been an art critic he is also a clever person and I feel that he has missed his vocation in some way
to miss one's way equivocarse de camino
no sign of them yet - they must have missed their way it was very dark and we missed our way a couple of times
to miss the boat or bus perder el tren
fund managers are terrified that war in the Gulf will produce the long-awaited buying opportunity and they will miss the boat if the embargo is not lifted, American companies are going to miss the boat he said the Government had "perpetually missed the bus" on measures for effective dog control
4 (skip) [+meal] saltarse
I think you've missed a page creo que te has saltado una página
I had to miss lunch because I was late for an appointment
my heart missed a beat me dio un vuelco el corazón
5 (overlook)
you've missed that bit in the corner se te ha pasado por alto ese trozo en la esquina; you missed our anniversary again se te volvió a olvidar or pasar nuestro aniversario
6 (fail to understand) no entender; no coger; (Esp)
she seems to have missed the joke parece que no ha entendido or cogido el chiste; you're missing the point no lo entiendes
JANE Gordon has completely missed the point in her article about slapping children. If you slap at the moment of a child's error and in a way that is little more than a tap, the toddler is immediately made to realise its wrongdoing I missed that from this vantage point he watched, his searching eye never missing a detail
7 (fail to hear, see)
I missed what you said no he oído lo que has dicho; you don't miss much, do you? no se te escapa nada ¿verdad?; you can't miss the house la casa no tiene pérdida; I missed the step and fell flat on my face no vi el escalón y me caí de bruces; he missed the turning se pasó de cruce
Sgt Cobbins was an experienced officer and didn't miss much
8 (long for) echar de menos; extrañar; especially (LAm)
I miss you so (much) te echo tanto de menos; te extraño tanto; they're missing one another se echan de menos or se extrañan; he won't be (much) missed no se le echará de menos or no se le echará en falta que digamos
I miss the old trams I miss the sunshine/the freedom what do you miss most about Spain?
I miss having a garden echo de menos tener un jardín
9 (notice absence of) echar en falta
then I missed my wallet entonces eché en falta la cartera; we're missing eight dollars nos faltan ocho dólares
"here's your hat back" - "I hadn't even missed it!" do take it, I shan't miss it he will be greatly much missed
intransitive verb
1 (not hit) [+shot] errar el blanco; [+person] fallar; errar el tiro
you can't miss! ¡es imposible fallar!; ¡es imposible errar el tiro!
when I'd missed a few times he suggested I rest the rifle on a rock to steady it
2 (not function properly) [+motor] fallar
3 (not attend) faltar
I've not missed once in ten years en diez años no he faltado ni una sola vez
miss [mɪs]
señorita (f); (in address) Srta.
Miss Peters wants to see you la señorita Peters quiere verte
yes, Miss Smith
the Misses Smith las señoritas Smith; Miss Spain Miss España; a modern miss una señorita moderna; she's a cheeky little miss! ¡es una niña muy creidita!
Miss Jennie Smith
"Use of article" See culture box in entry Mr.
feminine noun
1. beauty queen
miss [mis]
beauty queen
concurso de misses beauty contest
no es un concurso de belleza ni de misses
Miss España 1997 Miss Spain 1997
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