1. (gender) 
a. masculino (human) 
The male population of the city has decreased.La población masculina de la ciudad ha disminuido.
b. macho (animal) 
Male penguins give pebbles to their mates as gifts.Los pingüinos machos les dan guijarros a sus compañeras como regalos.
2. (gender) 
a. el varón (M) (human) 
Is the baby male or female?¿El bebé es varón o hembra?
b. el hombre (M) (human) 
They are looking for single males to interview for a study.Buscan hombres solteros para entrevistar para un estudio.
c. el macho (M) (animal) 
All of the males in the herd will migrate north soon.Todos los machos del rebaño pronto emigrarán al norte.
1. (person) 
a. el varón m, hombre (M) 
2. (animal) 
a. el macho (M) 
3. (person) 
a. masculino(a) 
4. (animal) 
a. macho 
male chauvinismmachismo m
male chauvinistmachista m
male nurseenfermero m
male [meɪl]
(animal, plant) macho (m); (person) varón (m)
every fit adult male is expected to do military service
white males aged 35 to 40 varones de raza blanca de edades comprendidas entre los 35 y 40 años; I don't need a male to support me no necesito un hombre para que me mantenga
the average British male
1 [+rat, spider, plant] macho; [+baby, child] varón; [+friend, worker, colleague] del sexo masculino; [+population, hormone, sex, attitude, behaviour] masculino; [+voice] de hombre; masculino
please indicate whether you are male or female por favor indique si es hombre or mujer
Plantation managers who once relied heavily on male workers may decide to bring in more women the women were not paid as much as the male workers They are paid 2000 pounds a year less on average than their male colleagues we women alone need male friends whom we can ask to escort us to certain places the most important relationship I have is my marriage but my male friends are people I care a great deal about In France in 1856, 23.22% of the male population was aged 20-34 I suppose I worry about Kate finding someone more attractive than me and right now that seems to be most of the male population she has the male population eating out of her hand By the time they reach 50 half the male population will be noticeably bald she now has a male boss the company employs four male secretaries male dancers from the Bolshoi ballet male officers stand accused of sexism she has little respect for her male counterparts Not all male priests agree he's bound to say that because he is male The drugs block the action of male hormones Union leaders realise the importance of changing male [attitudes] in the home... most people would see this theory as a predominantly male attitude towards development This is typical of the male attitude within the medical profession Male Attitudes Towards Women A deep male voice came through the intercom traditional male pursuits It affects about one in every 3500 male babies Male hamsters court females with cries like nestlings. Pollen shakes free from the male part of the flower The male sex organ is known as the stamen
2 (Téc) [+plug] macho
male chauvinism (n) machismo (m)
I've met with a lot of male chauvinism on the way up His comments have earned him a reputation for male chauvinism
male chauvinist (n) machista (m)
He probably is a bit of a male chauvinist The men in my office are all blatant male chauvinists.
the male member (n) el miembro viril; el miembro masculino
male menopause (n) menopausia (f) masculina; andropausia (f)
male model (n) modelo (m) del sexo masculino
male nurse (n) enfermero (m)
we now have male nurses
male prostitute (n) prostituto (m)
male voice choir (n) coro (m) masculino or de hombres
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