Love in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. (affection)
a. el amor (M)
Love is all you need. El amor es todo lo que necesitas.
2. (romantically)
a. el amor (M)
Your first love doesn't always have to be the love of your life.Tu primer amor no siempre tiene que ser el amor de tu vida.
3. (interest)
a. el amor (M)
His love for nature profoundly influenced both his personality and his work.Su amor por la naturaleza tuvo una gran influencia tanto en su personalidad como en su obra.
transitive verb
4. (to feel affection)
a. querer
Te quiero mucho. I love you so much.
b. amar
She loves her dog more than life itself. Ama a su perro más que su propia vida.
5. (to like strongly)
a. encantar
I love playing videogames.Me encanta jugar videojuegos.
b. adorar
She loves dark chocolate. Ella adora el chocolate amargo.
6. (term of endearment)
a. cariño
Hey, love, would you mind taking out the trash?Oye, cariño, ¿te importaría sacar la basura?
b. amor
I miss you, love.Te extraño, mi amor.
7. (tennis)
a. nada
If the server wins the first point, the score would be 15-Love.Si el que sirve obtiene el primer punto, el marcador mostrará 15 a nada.
1. amor (m) (between lovers or members of a family)
  • to fall in love with somebody enamorarse de alguien
  • to be in love with somebody estar enamorado(a) de alguien
  • to make love with or to somebody hacer el amor con or a alguien (have sex)
  • to make love to somebody (Old-fashioned) cortejar a alguien (court)
  • the love of my life el amor de mi vida
  • it was love at first sight fue un flechazo
  • (my) love mi amor (term of endearment) (británico)
  • love affair aventura (f) (amorosa)
  • love child (Euph) hijo(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) natural
  • love letter carta (f) de amor
  • love life vida (f) amorosa
  • love match matrimonio (m) por amor
  • love nest nido (m) de amor
  • love song canción (f) de amor
  • love story historia (f) de amor
2. cariño (m) (affection)
  • love of one's country cariño por el propio país
  • give my love to your parents saluda a tus padres de mi parte
  • with love from… con cariño,… (at end of letter)
  • Bill sends his love Bill manda recuerdos
  • there's no love lost between them se llevan mal
  • I wouldn't do it for love or money no lo haría por nada del mundo
3. afición (f) (liking, interest) (of or for a or por)
  • to do something for the love of it hacer algo por gusto or afición
4. nada (in tennis)
  • fifteen love quince nada
transitive verb
5. amar, querer
  • I love you te quiero
  • I love Chinese food me encanta la comida china
  • they love to go for walks, they love going for walks les encanta ir de paseo
  • I'd love to come me encantaría ir
love [lʌv]
1 (affection) [of person] amor (m)
I guess nobody knows how true love is found A lack of love in early infancy can have dramatic physiological effects not just in later life, but in childhood too
I no longer feel any love for or towards him ya no siento amor or cariño por él
it was love at first sight fue amor a primera vista; fue un flechazo
her love for or of her children su amor (m) por sus hijos
her children's love for her el amor de sus hijos por ella; don't give me any money, I'm doing it for love no me des dinero, lo hago por amor al arte (humorous); to marry for love casarse por amor
I am torn apart between love for my country and my profession He had acted out of his love for Israel not for the money for the love [of]
for love of her son out of love for her son por amor a su hijo; por el amor que le tiene/tenía a su hijo
for the love of God or Mike! ¡por el amor de Dios!
to be/fall in love (with sb) estar enamorado/enamorarse (de algn)
they are in love (with each other) están enamorados (el uno del otro)
to make love (with/to sb) (have sex) hacer el amor (con algn)
to make love to sb (woo) hacer la corte or el amor a algn
there is no love lost between them no se pueden ver
there's certainly been no love lost between Iraq and either Saudi Arabia or Egypt at the UN over the past few weeks There's no love lost for Saddam Hussein in the Bush administration Karlov was outwardly respectful, careful to give his chief no opening for reprimand. Inwardly he was seething with suppressed rage. There was no love lost between the two men who were supposed to be working in harmony on a mounting crisis
I wouldn't do it for love nor money no lo haría por nada del mundo
it wasn't to be had for love nor money era imposible conseguirlo
2 (liking) [of activity, food, place] afición (f); pasión (f)
her love of colour comes out in her garden su afición (f) or pasión (f) por el colorido se refleja en su jardín
she is not prepared to compromise her natural love of life to conform to the stereotype "Royal" she couldn't afford to indulge her love of books this can also be seen in the Vietnamese love of noodles her wholesome love of tidiness became a mad compulsion his love of London is obvious in his writing her love of the countryside and nature
he studies history for the love of it estudia historia por pura afición
3 (in greetings, letters)
(with) love (from) Jim con cariño (de) Jim; besos (de) Jim
all my love, Jim con todo mi cariño, Jim
give him my love dale or mándale recuerdos míos
lots of love, Jim muchos besos, Jim
he sends (you) his love te da or manda recuerdos
4 (person loved) amor (m); (thing loved) pasión (f)
she was my first love fue mi primer amor
football was his first love el fútbol era su principal pasión
the theatre was her great love el teatro era su gran pasión
he was the love of her life fue el amor de su vida
5 (as term of address) cariño (m)
yes, love si, cariño; thanks, love (to woman) gracias, guapa or maja; (Esp) (to man) gracias, guapo or majo; (Esp) (to child) gracias, cielo or cariño
come on, love, we're going to be late
my love amor mío; mi vida
6 (adorable person)
he's a little love es un cielo; es un encanto; be a love and make us a cup of tea venga, cielo or cariño, prepáranos una taza de té
7 (Tennis)
love all cero cero; 15 love 15 a cero
transitive verb
1 (feel affection for) querer; amar (formal)
you don't love me any more ya no me quieres; I loved that boy as if he were my own son quería a ese chico como si fuera mi hijo; love thy neighbour as thyself ama al prójimo como a ti mismo (formal); she loves her children/her cat/that car quiere mucho a or siente mucho cariño por sus hijos/su gato/ese coche
he didn't just like her, he loved her
she loved him dearly lo quería muchísimo; lo amaba profundamente
I must love you and leave you (humorous) me despido que me tengo que marchar
love me, love my dog quien quiere a Beltrán quiere a su can
she loves me, she loves me not me quiere, no me quiere
2 (like very much)
hobby, food, place
I love strawberries me encantan las fresas; I love Madrid me encanta Madrid; me gusta muchísimo Madrid; "would you like a drink?" — "I'd love one" —¿quieres tomar algo? —¡sí, por favor!; I'd love a beer daría cualquier cosa por una cerveza
he loves swimming he loves to swim le encanta nadar; le gusta muchísimo nadar
I'd love to come me encantaría ir; me gustaría muchísimo ir; I'd love to! ¡con mucho gusto!; ¡yo, encantado!
love affair (n) aventura (f) (sentimental); amorío (m); pasión (f)
her love affair with France began in 1836 su pasión por Francia comenzó en 1836
the story of her career in the theater and her many love affairs is told in a new biography to [have] a love affair
she had a love affair with a younger man tuvo una aventura (sentimental) or un amorío con un hombre más joven que ella
he seems to have had just two extramarital love affairs I had a series of disastrous love affairs this was what started my love affair with tramcars With the World Series about to start, America's love affair with baseball will become even more intense
love child (n) hijoahija (m) (f) natural;a hija
love game (n) (Tennis) juego (m) en blanco
one love game does not make a match
love handles (n) agarraderas (very_informal) (f)
yes, I was swayed by the corpus, where all the cits for some reason are for men, but of course women can have love handles too Boy, has Brett got bad love handles! ...a startling photo of their hero in which he reveals himself to be the proud owner of a pair of love handles ...full frontal nude shots of Mr Berenger with a pair of love handles that make him closely resemble a Staffordshire jug These fatty deposits, called "love handles", are really a form of cellulite
love letter (n) carta (f) de amor
love life (n) (emotional) vida (f) sentimental; (sexual) vida (f) sexual
how's your love life these days? ¿qué tal te va la vida últimamente en el campo sentimental or romántico?
love match (n) matrimonio (m) por amor
love nest (n) nido (m) de amor
love potion (n) filtro (m) (de amor); bebedizo (m) (de amor)
love seat (n) confidente (m); canapé (m)
love song (n) canción (f) de amor
love story (n) historia (f) de amor
Romeo and Juliet - the most famous love story of all time
love token (n) prenda (f) de amor; prueba (f) de amor
love triangle (n) triángulo (m) amoroso
The movie has the star caught up in a dangerous love triangle with actresses Jobeth Williams and Virginia Madsen
Love can usually be translated by querer.
With people, pets and native lands, querer is the most typical translation:
I love you Te quiero
Timmy loves his mother more than his father Timmy quiere más a su madre que a su padre
When he lived abroad he realized how much he loved his country Cuando vivió en el extranjero, se dio cuenta de lo mucho que quería a su país
Querer is commonly used with mucho in statements like the following:
I love my parents Quiero mucho a mis padres
He loved his cat and was very depressed when it died Quería mucho a su gato y tuvo una gran depresión cuando murió
Use amar, especially in formal language, to talk about spiritual or elevated forms of love:
To love God above everything else Amar a Dios sobre todas las cosas
Their duty was to love and respect their parents Su deber era amar y respetar a sus padres
Use the impersonal encantarle a uno to talk about things and people that you like very much:
He loved playing tennis Le encantaba jugar al tenis
I love children (A mí) me encantan los niños
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