feminine noun
1. (colloquial) (spectre) (Latin America) 
Dicen que cerca del río se oye gimotear a la llorona que mató a su hijo.They say that near the river you can hear the wailing ghost of a woman who killed her child.
plural noun
2. (spiked device) (Argentina) (Bolivia) (Uruguay) 
El vaquero espoleó al caballo con las lloronas de sus botas.The cowboy spurred the horse on with the large spurs on his boots.
1 (plañidera) hired mourner
2 (México) spectre of a wailing woman who wanders the streets
3 (S. Cone) (llanto)
le dio la llorona she got all weepy
4 (And) (S. Cone) (And) (S. Cone)lloronas large spurs
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ghost of a woman
leyenda de la Llorona
legend of the Weeping Woman
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