Jack in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. (person)
  • every man jack of them todo quisque
  • he is a jack of all trades hace or sabe hacer un poco de todo
2. gato (m) (for car)
3. jota (f) (in cards); sota (f) (in Spanish cards)
4. clavija (f) (Elec) (plug); clavijero (m) (socket)
  • jack rabbit liebre (f) americana (North American hare)
jack [dʒæk]
1 (Aut) (Téc) gato (m); gata (f); (LAm)
2 (Electricity and Electronics) toma (f) de corriente; enchufe (m) hembra
3 (Bowling) boliche (m)
4 (Cards) (in ordinary pack of cards) jota (f); (in Spanish pack) sota (f)
5 (also bootjack) sacabotas (m)
6 (Náut) marinero (m)
7 (fish) lucio (m) joven
8 jacks (game) cantillos (m)
jack plane (n) garlopa (f)
jack plug (n) enchufe (m) de clavija
jack rabbit (n) (US) liebre (f) americana
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