I went out to eat

I went out to eat
1. (general) 
a. salí a comer (single occurrence) 
What did you cook last night? - Nothing. I went out to eat.¿Qué preparaste anoche? - Nada. Salí a comer.
b. comí fuera (single occurrence) 
I went out to eat because I didn't get the chance to buy groceries.Comí fuera porque no tuve la oportunidad de comprar abarrotes.
c. salía a comer (habitual action) 
I went out to eat a lot when I was little because my mom didn't like to cook.Salía a comer mucho cuando era niño porque a mi mamá no le gustaba cocinar.
d. comía fuera (habitual action) 
I went out to eat with my friends every weekend when I was in college.Comía fuera con mis amigos cada fin de semana cuando estaba en la universidad.
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