I think you are beautiful

Usage note
Although it is most often used when referring to a female, this phrase may also be said to a handsome man or child. In such cases, the adjective must be used in the masculine, as shown in 2).
I think you are beautiful
1. (addressed to a female) 
I think you are beautiful. Would you like to go out with me?Creo que eres hermosa. ¿Quieres salir conmigo?
Daughter, I think you are beautiful.Hija, creo que eres bella.
I don't really like this dress. What do you think? - I think you are beautiful.No me gusta este vestido. ¿Qué tu crees? - Me pareces hermosa.
You don't need makeup. I think you are beautiful just as you are.No necesitas el maquillaje. Me pareces bella tal como eres.
2. (addressed to a male) 
I think you are beautiful. Are you a runway model?Creo que eres hermoso. ¿Eres un modelo de pasarela?
I think you are beautiful, Rover. You are a healthy dog.Creo que eres bello, Rover. Eres un perro saludable.
"I think you are beautiful," the mother said to her baby."Me pareces hermoso", la mamá le dijo a su bebé.
I look weird in this suit, mommy. - I think you are beautiful!Me veo raro con este traje, mamá. - Me pareces bello.
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