1. (deoxyribonucleic acid) 
a. el ADN (M) 
His DNA was analyzed to see if it was a match with the sample taken at the crime scene.Analizaron su ADN para ver si se correspondía con la muestra tomada a la escena del crimen.
1. (deoxyribonucleic acid) 
a. el ADN m, ácido desoxirribonucleico (M) 
deoxyribonucleic acid ADN (m)
DNA fingerprinting DNA profiling (n) identificación (f) mediante el análisis del ADN
DNA testing (n) pruebas (f) del ADN
prueba $ del DNA ADN Doctors are hopeful that DNA testing will now make it possible to identify people who possess the gene ...women with a family history of genetic disorders who have applied for DNA testing, to see if they are carriers of three common genetic diseases


usage note
This treatment of respect is used with first names.
1. (formal term of address) 
a. Ms. (unknown marital status) (United States) 
En la pared de la consulta había un título universitario a nombre de Dña. Carolina Blanco Rosales.There was a degree certificate on the surgery wall in the name of Ms. Carolina Blanco Rosales.
b. Ms (unknown marital status) (United Kingdom) 
¿Hablo con Dña. Ana Flores? - Sí, la misma.Is that Ms Ana Flores? - Yes, speaking.
c. Mrs. (married) (United States) 
Dña. Filomena vive en esa casa. El señor que está sentado en la puerta es su esposo.Mrs. Filomena lives in that house. The gentleman sitting outside is her husband.
d. Mrs (married) (United Kingdom) 
La carta iba dirigida a Dña. Leonor de Cifuentes, viuda de Rodolfo Cifuentes.The letter was addressed to Mrs Leonor de Cifuentes, widow of Rodolfo Cifuentes.
e. Miss (single) 
Dña. Aurelia en realidad tenía solo 29 años, pero todo el mundo en el pueblo la consideraba una solterona.Miss Aurelia was in reality only 29 years old, but everyone in the village thought of her as a spinster.
note See culture box in entry don.
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