Usage note
This word may also be spelled “axe.”
1. (tool) 
a. el hacha (F) 
Christopher took his axes and went out to chop some wood.Christopher tomó las hachas y salió a cortar leña.
Jack Nicholson's scene with the ax in "The Shining" is iconic.La escena de Jack Nicholson con el hacha en "El resplandor" es un ícono.
transitive verb
2. (to dismiss from employment) 
a. despedir 
They axed half the staff when they lost their main account.Despidieron a la mitad del personal cuando perdieron su cuenta principal.
3. (to cancel) 
a. cancelar 
I've got too much work to do. I'm going to ax my vacation plans.Tengo demasiado trabajo que hacer. Voy a cancelar mis planes de vacaciones.
4. (to decrease) 
a. recortar 
Our budget has been axed by several thousand dollars.Nos recortaron varios miles de dólares del presupuesto.
b. reducir 
The city will have to ax expenditures to survive.La ciudad tendrá que reducir gastos para sobrevivir.
5. (to remove) 
a. eliminar 
The company has axed lots of jobs in response to the current crisis in the industry.La empresa ha eliminado muchos trabajos en respuesta a la crisis actual del sector.
ax, ax
1. hacha (f) (Estados Unidos)
  • to have an ax, ax to grind (sentido figurado) tratar de barrer para dentro
  • two hospitals have been given the ax, ax (familiar) van a cerrar dos hospitales
transitive verb
2. suprimir (familiar) (jobs, project); recortar (spending, costs)
ax (US)
(tool) hacha (f)
when the axe fell cuando se descargó el golpe
to have an axe to grind tener un interés creado
I have no axe to grind no tengo ningún interés personal
to get or be given the axe [+employee] ser despedido
...rumours that 500 workers at the plant are to get the axe
[+project] ser cancelado
It is one of four major projects to be given the axe in the last 6 months to give sb the axe despedir a algn dejar plantado a algn I got the axe me dejó plantado
transitive verb
[+budget] recortar; [+project, service] cancelar; [+jobs] reducir
Community projects are being axed by hard-pressed social services departments The programme was axed after just three episodes
[+staff] despedir;
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