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última [ool’-te-mo, mah]
1. Last (final), latest (másreciente), hindomost; late, latter. (m)
2. Highly finished, most valuable. (m)
3. Remote; extreme (extremo). (m)
4. Final, conclusive, ultimate. (m)
  • Estar a lo últimto understand completely
  • Estar a lo último or en las últimasto be expiring
  • Porúltimolastly, finally, Último entre todos, last of all, last among them all
  • A últimos de messemana, etc
  • Vestido a la últimadressed in the latest style
  • Pedirme eso encima ya es lo últimofor him to ask that of me as well really is the limit
, at the end of the month, week, etc. Vestido en el último piso, they live on the top floor.
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