¿Tuanis o morado?

Usage note
The phrase, which has its roots in Costa Rican soccer culture, may be translated as "Are you cool or are you a fan of the wrong team?". "Tuanis" means "cool" in Costa Rican Spanish, while "morado" and "manudo" refer to Costa Rica's major soccer teams. Fans of "los morados" would, therefore, use the phrase "¿Tuanis o manudo?", while fans of "los manudos" would use the phrase "¿Tuanis o morado?"
¿Tuanis o morado?
1. (colloquial) (general) (Costa Rica) 
¡Buenos días! ¿Cómo amaneció? - Bien, ¿y vos qué? ¿Tuanis o morado?Good morning! How are you? - Good, and you? How's it going?
¿Entonces qué? ¿Tuanis o morado? - ¡Morado desde la cuna!So? How's it going? - I'm always awesome!
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