1. (que fluye con violencia) 
She fell into the turbulent waters of the river and was swept away.Cayó a las aguas turbulentas del río, que la arrastraron.
2. (agitado) 
That decade was a turbulent period in Europe's history.Esa década fue un período turbulento de la historia europea.
1. (en general) 
a. turbulento(a) 
turbulent [ˈtɜːbjʊlənt]
1 (confused, changing) [+place, relationship] turbulento
these are turbulent times esta es una época turbulenta
these are turbulent times for the prime Minister
2 (unruly) [+person, character] problemático; [+crowd] alborotado; soliviantado
...a red-haired labourer with a turbulent family of red-haired children ...a harsh land inhabited by a score of turbulent tribes Meg was turning into a turbulent adolescent
3 (unsettled) [+water, sea, air] turbulento
...a whirlpool of warm, turbulent water ...in the midst of turbulent [seas] and clashing rocks I needed a boat that could handle turbulent seas ...a powerful airplane, able to fly through turbulent air and sudden changes in wind direction ...gliders which gave a very rough ride in turbulent [air]
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