verbo transitivo
1. (tener fe en) 
I trust him; he'll make the right decision.Confío en él; tomará la decisión correcta.
I trusted her but she cheated on me.Tenía confianza en ella, pero me engañó con otro.
c. fiarse de 
I don't trust her an inch.No me fío ni un pelo de ella.
2. (esperar) 
I trust we can make it to the final.Confío en que lleguemos a la final.
3. (encomendar) 
a. confiar 
I trust all my secrets with you.Te confío todos mis secretos.
verbo intransitivo
4. (tener confianza) 
a. confiar 
We'll just have to trust in luck.No nos queda otra que confiar en la suerte.
5. (fe) 
I have every trust in your ability to get the project off the ground.Tengo total confianza en tu capacidad para sacar el proyecto adelante.
6. (responsabilidad) 
As a psychiatrist, I'm in a position of trust.Como psiquiatra, estoy en un puesto de confianza.
7. (derecho) 
The trust is revocable by the settlor.El fideicomitente puede revocar el fideicomiso.
8. (finanzas) 
A trust company does not own its customers' assets.A la compañía fiduciaria no le pertenecen los activos de sus clientes.
b. el trust (M) 
The oil trust was created first, followed by the sugar trust and the whisky trust.Se creó el trust del petróleo primero, seguido por el trust del azúcar y el trust del whisky.
Once created, a charitable trust is irrevocable.Una vez creada, una fundación de beneficencia es irrevocable.
9. (obligación) 
a. el deber (M) 
It is your trust to make sure that any information meets the requirements.Es su deber asegurarse de que toda la información cumple con los requisitos.
1. (belief) 
a. la confianza (F) 
he put his trust in themdepositó su confianza en ellos
to take something on trustdar por cierto(a) algo
2. (derecho) 
a. sin traducción directa 
in trusten fideicomiso
3. (finanzas) 
a. sin traducción directa 
trust fundfondo en fideicomiso
4. (comunicaciones) 
a. el trust (M) 
5. (medicina) (Reino Unido) 
a. sin traducción directa 
trust hospitalhospital estatal con autonomía económica
verbo transitivo
6. (believe in) 
a. confiar en 
to trust somebody to do somethingconfiar en que alguien haga algo
to trust somebody with somethingconfiar algo a alguien
7. (coloquial) 
a. sin traducción directa 
trust him to say that!¡típico de él!
8. (formal) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to trust (that)…confiar en que…
verbo intransitivo
9. (en general) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to trust in something/somebodytener confianza or confiar en algo/alguien
to trust to luckconfiar en la suerte
trust [trʌst]
1 (faith, confidence) confianza (f);in en
you've betrayed their trust has traicionado la confianza que tenían puesta en ti
he destroyed my trust in men there's a feeling of warmth and trust here their relationship is based on mutual trust
I have complete trust in you confío plenamente en ti; tengo absoluta confianza en ti
to take sth/sb on trust fiarse de algo/algn
I'm not going to take what he says on trust no me voy a fiar de lo que dice or de su palabra
I'm asking you to take everything I say on trust
to put one's trust in sth/sb depositar su confianza en algo/algn
all he could do was put his trust in God
2 (responsibility)
sometimes civil servants can be bribed to betray their trust
to give sth into sb's trust confiar algo a algn
to be in a position of trust tener un puesto de confianza or responsabilidad
there were claims that he had violated a position of trust in permitting his wife to profit from transactions in the corporation's securities she was organizing and running a large household, a position of trust which was generously paid he's a highly paid Cabinet Minister in a position of trust financed by the taxpayer "there can never be any justification for an attack on a helpless baby, much less for an attack on a baby in which the defendant has been left in sole charge and in a position of trust
a sacred trust un deber sagrado
the Queen sees her position as a sacred trust
3 (Jur) (money) (for third party) fondo (m) fiduciario; fondo (m) de fideicomiso; (Economics) (investment) fondo (m) de inversiones; (institution) fundación (f)
he had put over £250,000 in a trust for her the income from her trust Miss Melville managed to get by on the small amount of money that was still coming in from her trust I propose to set up a trust(c) for you. You will draw the income from it but may never touch the capital. The income from Alex's trust² will also be available for use at the trustees' discretion. Participants in the private trust are in effect being asked by the government to accept lower than normal profits Most of their property and possessions are owned by family trusts a wildlife trust to [break] a trust she hasn't the money to buy an apartment. Even if she could break the trust in which the pitiful remnants of her capital were tied up, the resulting sum would be so small it wasn't worth the effort
charitable trust fundación (f) benéfica
in trust en fideicomiso
the money will be held in trust until she is 18 el dinero se mantendrá en fideicomiso hasta que cumpla los dieciocho años; to put or place sth in trust dejar algo en fideicomiso
the British Museum holds its collection in trust for the nation he had left his entire estate to his son, in trust until his twenty-fifth birthday Apparently, the Suffolk estate was left in trust by the father
to set up a trust crear un fondo fiduciario or de fideicomiso
the court might order a trust to be set up to provide for the child her father had set up a trust for her so that she would get a decent income but her husband would be unable to get at the capital he wanted to secure the best deal for his trust set up a trust to keep the money secure
4 (Comm) (Economics) (also trust company) trust (m); compañía (f) fiduciaria; compañía (f) de fideicomiso
5 (also trust hospital) fundación (f) hospitalaria
St Mary's hospital became a self-governing trust this week
verbo transitivo
1 (consider honest, reliable) [+person, judgment, instincts] fiarse de
don't you trust me? ¿no te fías de mí?; she is not to be trusted ella no es de fiar; the government can't be trusted no se puede uno fiar del gobierno; do you think we can trust him? ¿crees que nos podemos fiar de él?; ¿crees que podemos confiar or tener confianza en él?
I trust his judgement
trust your own instincts fíate de tus instintos; to trust sb to do sth: I trust you to keep this secret confío en que guardes este secreto; her parents trust her to make her own decisions sus padres confían en ella y la dejan que tome sus propias decisiones; do you think we can trust him to give us our share? ¿crees que podemos fiarnos de que nos va a dar nuestra parte?; he did not trust himself to speak no se atrevió a hablar
you can't trust a word he says es imposible creer ninguna palabra suya; no se puede uno fiar de nada de lo que dice
trust me to do what is right for America I don't trust them to tell me the truth because of other reasons if he can deceive his family how can we trust him to run the country the ruling party could not be trusted to oversee its own dismissal from power he didn't trust his legs to hold him up she can't be trusted to look after herself trust you to marry an aristocrat! trust you to wangle a trip to Madrid! to trust o.s. to do sth I did not trust myself to reply Hart looked over into his brother's eyes and seeing tears there, couldn't trust himself to speak Barnsley manager Mel Machin would not trust himself to talk after seeing skipper Gerry Taggart sent off in only the sixth minute Crook still didn't trust himself to speak "Thank you." Scarcely trusting myself to speak further I drew on my tea I don't even know how to talk to my own daughter any more. I don't trust myself to handle this to trust sb [enough] to do sth trust me enough to do what I say I never trusted anyone enough to let them see me cry She must trust me enough to know I'm not going to do anything dreadful
I wouldn't trust him an inch or as far as I could throw him no me fío de él ni un pelo
2 (have confidence in) confiar en; tener confianza en
trust me, I know what I'm doing confía en mí, sé lo que estoy haciendo; I trust you completely tengo plena confianza en ti; "I forgot" — "trust you!" —se me olvidó —¡mira por dónde! or —¡cómo no!; trust you to break it! ¡era de esperar que lo rompieses!
missed the train again, eh? Trust you!
3 (entrust)
to trust sth to sb confiar algo a algn
can we trust the film industry to such people?
to trust sb with sth
he's not the sort of person to be trusted with a gun no es la clase de persona de la que se puede uno fiar con una pistola; no es la clase de persona a la que se puede confiar una pistola; I'd trust him with my life pondría mi vida en sus manos
it seems as if doctors can't be trusted with confidential information the sort of person you'd trust your car with or you dog or your kids Officers can refuse or revoke a certificate if the owner has intemperate habits, is of unsound mind or for any other reason is unfit to be trusted with a gun if you don't trust me with your silverware, don't invite me to dinner I've got four kids and would trust him totally with all of them
4 (hope) esperar
I trust you are all well espero que estéis todos bien; I trust you enjoyed your walk? espero que haya disfrutado del paseo; I trust not espero que no
I trust that all will go well I trust you will accept my apology
verbo intransitivo
to trust in sth/sb confiar en algo/algn
I was able to trust in the human race again to trust in [God] I found myself trusting in God, rather than Mission Control
to trust to luck/fate encomendarse a la suerte/al destino
to trust to sb/sth to do sth we soldiers have to trust to our leaders to protect us
trust account (n) cuenta (f) fiduciaria; cuenta (f) de fideicomiso
trust company (n) compañía (f) fiduciaria; compañía (f) de fideicomiso
trust fund (n) fondo (m) fiduciario; fondo (m) de fideicomiso
trust hospital (n) fundación (f) hospitalaria
sustantivo masculino
1. (finanzas) 
a. cartel 
El líder sindicalista afirmó que los mercados están dominados por trusts que solo defienden sus propios intereses.The union leader stated that markets are controlled by cartels that only defend their own interests.
b. trust 
El trust actúa como un monopolio, asegurándose de que el precio de estos productos se mantiene muy alto.The trust acts as a monopoly, making sure that the price of these products' remains very high.
1. (en general) 
a. trust, cartel 
trust [trus]
trusts (plural) [trus] (Economía) trust; cartel
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