verbo transitivo
1. (entrar en contacto con) 
a. tocar 
He touched her forehead to check her temperature.Le tocó la frente para ver si tenía fiebre.
b. rozar 
He touched my hand as he handed the book to me.Me rozó la mano al darme el libro.
2. (estar en contacto con) 
a. tocar 
There is a mark where the chair touches the wall.Hay una marca donde la silla toca la pared.
3. (dañar) 
a. tocar 
Don't you dare touch a single hair on her head!¡No te atrevas a tocarle un pelo!
b. hacer 
Now he can't touch me.Ahora ya no puede hacerme nada.
c. rozar 
I accidentally touched the car parked next to mine.Sin querer, rocé el coche aparcado junto al mío.
4. (manipular) 
a. tocar 
The police asked us not to touch anything in the room.La policía nos pidió que no tocáramos nada en la habitación.
5. (comer o beber) 
a. tocar 
She hasn't touched her breakfast.No ha tocado el desayuno.
6. (concernir) 
a. afectar 
Global warming touches us all.El calentamiento global nos afecta a todos.
7. (emocionar) 
a. conmover 
This song really touches me.Esta canción me conmueve de verdad.
8. (alcanzar) 
a. llegar a 
They finally touched their destination on April 5th.Por fin, llegaron a su destino el 5 de abril.
b. rozar 
The thermometer touched 40º C.El termómetro rozaba los 40º.
9. (compararse a) 
a. igualar 
No one can touch his talent.Nadie le iguala en talento.
10. (coloquial) (pedir prestado) (Reino Unido) 
a. dar un sablazo de (coloquial) 
This month he has touched me for £20 twice already.Este mes ya me ha dado dos sablazos de £20.
verbo intransitivo
11. (entrar en contacto) 
a. tocar 
Don't touch!¡Sin tocar!
b. rozarse 
Our hands touched while reaching for the same apple.Nuestras manos se rozaron al intentar alcanzar la misma manzana.
12. (estar en contacto) 
a. tocarse 
Those wires shouldn't be touching.Esos cables no deberían tocarse.
13. (sentido) 
a. el tacto (M) 
Touch is one of the most basic means of communication.El tacto es una de las formas de comunicación más básicas.
14. (contacto físico) 
a. el tacto (M) 
The touch of his skin was soft.El tacto de su piel era suave.
b. el roce (M) 
I cannot forget the touch of her cheek against mine.No puedo olvidar el roce de su mejilla con la mía.
15. (gesto) 
a. el toque (M) 
The chef added his special touch.El chef añadió su toque especial.
Sending flowers was a nice touch.Enviar flores fue un detalle bonito.
16. (habilidad) 
a. el toque (M) 
He hasn't lost his touch with women.No ha perdido su toque con las mujeres.
17. (pequeña cantidad) 
a. el poco (M) 
I would add a touch more pepper.Yo le añadiría un poco más de pimienta.
b. la pizca (F) 
At the very end sprinkle it with a touch of cinnamon.Al final del todo, espolvoréalo con una pizca de canela.
18. (comunicación) 
They kept in touch for years.Mantuvieron el contacto durante años.
19. (conciencia) 
She has lost touch with reality.Ha perdido el sentido de la realidad.
20. (deporte) 
He kicked the ball into touch.Le dio una patada a la pelota y la envió fuera de juego.
1. (act of touching) 
a. el toque (M) 
2. (lighter) 
a. el roce (M) 
I felt a touch on my armnoté que me tocaban el brazo
it was touch and go whether…no era seguro si…
3. (coloquial) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to be an easy or soft touchser desprendido(a), ser dadivoso(a)
4. (sense, feel) 
a. el tacto (M) 
hard/soft to the touchduro(a)/blando(a) al tacto
5. (detail) 
a. el toque (M) 
there were some nice touches in the filmla película tenía algunos buenos detalles
6. (fig) 
a. sin traducción directa 
he's lost his touchha perdido facultades
7. (small amount) 
a. la toque m, pizca (F) 
a touch (too) strong/shortun poquito fuerte/corto(a)
a touch of fluuna ligera gripe
8. (communication) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to be/get in touch with somebodyestar/ponerse en contacto con alguien
to stay in/lose touch with somebodymantener/perder el contacto con alguien
to lose touch with realitydesconectarse de la realidad
9. (in soccer, rugby) 
a. sin traducción directa 
the ball has gone into touchla pelota se ha ido fuera
verbo transitivo
10. (physically) 
a. tocar 
11. (affect) 
a. afectar 
to touch bottomtocar fondo
12. (coloquial) (Reino Unido) 
a. sin traducción directa 
touch wood!¡toquemos madera!
I never touch winenunca pruebo el vino
the law can't touch herla ley no puede tocarla
13. (fig) 
a. sin traducción directa 
there's nothing to touch itno tiene rival
14. (emotionally) 
a. conmover 
touch [tʌtʃ]
1 (sense, feel) tacto (m)
the cold touch of marble he found his way round the room by touch children who read and write by touch boys and girls who are blind and want to be able to read and write by touch
sense of touch sentido (m) del tacto; tacto (m)
evidence suggests our sense of touch is programmed to diminish with age I had to rely on my sense of smell and touch
2 (pressure)
he felt the touch of a hand on his shoulder sintió el tacto or el roce de una mano en su hombro; the merest touch might break it el más mínimo roce podría romperlo
the touch of her hand the touch of a coarse blanket against the skin she felt a light touch on her face she recoiled at the touch of his hand
at the touch of a button con solo dar a un botón
staff will be able to trace calls at the touch of a button seats that flip out at the touch of a lever nowadays, with remote controls, you can change TV channels at the touch of a button
it's soft to the touch es blando al tacto
rough to the touch the skin was fleshy and slightly waxy to the touch.
she responded to his touch reaccionaba a sus caricias
to be an easy or a soft touch ser fácil de convencer
Mr Wilson is no soft touch Pamela was an easy touch when he needed some cash
3 (technique, manner)
In the play religion is handled with quite a light, comic touch a pianist with a delicate touch
to have the common touch saber tratar or sintonizar con el pueblo
some say the Queen Mother has the common touch, because she can converse easily with ordinary people
to have a light touch [+pianist] tocar con delicadeza or suavidad
you need a light touch to make good pastry necesitas manos de seda para conseguir una buena masa
he was a good violinist but his touch was heavy typists who have trained on manual machines need to learn a lighter touch when they change to word processors you need to have a light touch if you're going to make good pastry
to lose one's touch perder facultades
he has not lost his touch for creating the sexiest clothes around We are often told that the BBC has seriously lost its touch
he had lost his scoring touch había perdido habilidad or eficacia de cara al gol
the director handles these scenes with a sure touch el director trata estas escenas con mucha seguridad or gran pericia
he has the [sure] touch of the professional
4 (stamp, mark) toque (m)
the final touchthe finishing touch el último toque; el toque final
she added the finishing final touch to the dish by garnishing it with parsley flowers add the finishing final touch to any room
to put the finishing touches to sth dar los últimos toques or los toques finales a algo
the painting is nearly done - it just needs the finishing touches to put the final finishing touch(es) to sth
it has a touch of genius tiene un toque de genialidad
the human touch el calor humano
technology can never replace the human touch
the personal touch el toque personal
you can always add a personal touch to the card by writing a brief message on it
the house needs a woman's touch la casa necesita un toque femenino
5 (detail) detalle (m)
that was a nice touch eso fue un bonito detalle
they called the event 'a tribute to heroes', which was a nice touch small touches to a room, such as flowers, can be what gives a house its vitality
6 (small quantity)
a touch of [of milk, water] un chorrito de; [of salt, pepper] una pizca de; [of irony, sarcasm] un toque or un dejo de
to have a touch of flu estar algo griposo
there was a touch of frost this morning había algo de or un poco de escarcha esta mañana
it needs a touch of paint le hace falta un poquito de pintura
he got a touch of the sun le dio el sol un poquito
coffee with a touch of milk a touch of irony there's a touch of spring in the air he did a touch of acting at university "what do you think?" asked Dave with a touch of anxiety you need a touch more lipstick
(with adjective, adverb)
it's a touch (too) expensive es algo or un poquito caro; move it just a touch to the left muévelo un poquito a or hacia la izquierda
I found it a touch distasteful we were all a touch uneasy "are you bored?" - "just a touch" "you like him don't you?" - "just a touch" "te gusta ¿verdad?" - "casi nada"
7 (contact)
to be in touch (with sb) estar en contacto (con algn)
we are still in touch todavía estamos en contacto; I'll be in touch (writing) te escribiré; (phoning) te llamaré
my parents were constantly in touch
to get in touch (with sb) ponerse en contacto (con algn)
get in touch with your emotions conecte con sus emociones
you can get in touch with me here you should take your temperature and get in touch with your doctor men getting in touch with their feminine side keeping the unemployed in touch with the labour market he helped her to get in touch with the spiritual part of her personality
to keep in touch (with sb) mantener el contacto (con algn)
well, keep in touch! ¡bueno, no pierdas contacto!; ¡bueno, no dejes de llamar o escribir!
to lose touch (with sth/sb) perder el contacto (con algo/algn)
I lost touch with her after she moved to London perdí el contacto con ella después de que se mudara a Londres
we finally lost touch after she moved to London
the party has lost touch with the voters el partido está desconectado de los votantes
It is an example of the tendency of some of the theorists on this subject to lose touch with commonsense and reality I'll go and order a daily paper. /we mustn't lose touch with the outside world/ If Parliament loses touch or fails to perform then the people reassert their sovereignty by changing government at the next election he claimed that party leaders had lost touch with the working class Richard started to lose touch with his sanity
to be out of touch no estar al corriente
the Prime Minister was completely out of touch el Primer Ministro no estaba al corriente de nada; I'm out of touch with the latest political developments no estoy al corriente de los últimos acontecimientos políticos
to be out of touch with events
to put sb in touch with sb poner a algn en contacto con algn
if you write they will put you in touch with their local group
8 (Rugby)
to kick the ball into touch poner el balón fuera de juego; he had a foot in touch tenía un pie fuera del terreno de juego or más allá de la línea de banda
the full back kicked for touch the ball went into touch it is in touch he made a long kick to touch the full back gathered up the ball and kicked for touch the try was disallowed because the winger had a foot in touch the ball is in/out of touch
verbo transitivo
1 (with hand) tocar
she touched his arm le tocó el brazo; they can't touch you no te pueden hacer nada
to touch one's toes tocarse los dedos de los pies
don't touch that dial the plates were too hot to touch her tiny hands gently touched my face she reached down and touched her toes the virus is not passed on by touching or shaking hands the metal is so hot I can't touch it if you don't admit it, they can't touch you to touch one's [hat] to sb to touch sth [with] one's finger
touch wood! ¡toca madera!
2 (come into contact with) tocar; (brush against) rozar
I just touched the car in front no hice más que rozar el coche que tenía delante
I can touch the bottom (in swimming pool) puedo tocar el fondo; (in sea) hago pie
my feet haven't touched the ground since I started this job desde que empecé en este trabajo no he parado
her feet are never allowed to touch the ground the cyclist crashed when he touched wheels with another rider he scored the first time he touched the ball as the aeroplane went down the runway, the wing touched a pile of rubble he must somehow have touched a live rail the plane's wingtip touched the ground to touch [ground] I wouldn't touch it (with a barge pole) to touch the ground if that happened to me, I'd be out so fast my feet wouldn't touch the ground her feet haven't touched the ground since she met the Queen
3 (harm, disturb) tocar
don't touch anything! ¡no toques nada!; I never touched him! ¡ni le toqué!; if you touch him I'll kill you! ¡como le pongas la mano encima or si le tocas te mato!
somebody's touched my desk when John began to restore the house in 1960, nothing had been touched for years it hadn't been touched for years
4 (try) [+food, drink] probar
I never touch gin no pruebo la ginebra; you haven't touched your dinner no has probado bocado; no has tocado la cena; I haven't touched a typewriter in ages hace siglos que no toco una máquina de escribir
he hasn't touched his guitar in years I didn't touch the sandwiches! he doesn't touch alcohol or drugs he used to be a musician, but he hasn't touched a guitar in years I didn't touch the third question I was in the garden, I didn't touch the sandwiches I'm not drunk, I haven't touched a drop I haven't touched a drop he hasn't touched a drop since
5 (affect) afectar
it touches all our lives nos afecta a todos
a guilt that in some sense touches everyone nor had the the benefits of the war years touched all sectors of the population
6 (move)
her faith touched me su fe me conmovió or me llegó al alma; she was touched by his gift el regalo la emocionó mucho
I am touched by your offer it has touched me deeply to see how these people live
7 (compare with) igualar
no artist in the country can touch him no hay artista en todo el país que (se) le iguale; nobody can touch him as a pianist como pianista es inigualable
no-one can touch these girls for professionalism nobody can touch them for quality
8 especially (Britain) (reach)
amount, level, speed
he was touching 290mph alcanzaba las 290 millas por hora; his hair touches his shoulders tiene una melena que le llega por los hombros
the winds touched storm-force by the third lap he was touching 290 mph
9 (Britain)
to touch sb for money dar un sablazo a algn (informal); pedir dinero prestado a algn
now is the time to touch him for a loan Harry was hoping to touch her for a sandwich and a glass of beer
to be touched with sth: clouds touched with pink nubes con un toque rosa
his hair was touched with grey tenía algunas canas en el pelo
the boy was touched with genius
verbo intransitivo
1 (with hand)
don't touch! (to child) ¡no se toca!
please do not touch se ruega no tocar
2 (come into contact) [+hands] encontrarse; [+lips] rozarse; [+wires] hacer contacto
our hands touched nuestras manos se encontraron
their lips touched space the plants out so that the leaves are not touching make sure the wires don't touch their knees were touching
touch judge (n) (Rugby) juez (m) de línea; juez (m) de banda
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