1. (electricidad) 
I fumbled for the light switch.Busqué a tientas el interruptor de la luz.
2. (acción de cambiar) 
a. el cambio (M) 
The switch to solar energy was completed last year.El cambio a la energía solar se completó el año pasado.
3. (ferrocarriles) (Estados Unidos) 
The switch didn't work on time and the train was sent north instead of south.Las agujas no funcionaron a tiempo y enviaron el tren hacia el norte en lugar del sur.
4. (palo) 
a. la vara (F) 
Teachers used to hit the backs of students' hands with a switch.Los profesores pegaban a los alumnos en el dorso de la mano con una vara.
5. (pelo) 
Laura used a switch to increase the length of her hair.Laura usaba un postizo para alargar su pelo.
verbo intransitivo
6. (hacer un cambio) 
a. cambiar 
Since I switched to online banking, I find it much easier.Desde que cambié a la banca online, lo encuentro todo más fácil.
verbo transitivo
7. (hacer un cambio a) 
Have you ever switched electricity supplier?¿Ha cambiado alguna vez de compañía eléctrica?
8. (permutar) 
The twins switched their clothes during the party to see if people were able to tell them apart.Los gemelos intercambiaron su ropa durante la fiesta para ver si la gente podía distinguirlos.
1. (electrical) 
a. el interruptor (M) 
2. (in policy, opinion) 
a. el cambio m, viraje (M) 
to make a switchhacer un cambio
3. (stick) 
a. la vara (F) 
verbo transitivo
4. (change) 
a. cambiar 
5. (transfer) 
a. trasladar 
to switch channels/jobscambiar de cadena/trabajo
they switched their attention to something elsedirigieron su atención a otra cosa
6. (exchange) 
a. intercambiar 
verbo intransitivo
7. (change) 
a. cambiar 
to switch from gas to electricitycambiar el gas por la electricidad, pasarse del gas a la electricidad
switch [swɪtʃ]
1 (Electricity and Electronics) interruptor (m); suich(e) (m); (LAm) switch (m); (LAm)
the switch was on/off el interruptor estaba encendido/apagado
at the flick of a switch con solo darle a un interruptor
The answer can now be had at the flick of a switch, thanks to a new analyser which enables you to monitor your stress and illness immunity levels there is nothing like a fan heater for instant heat at the flick of a switch
to flick a switch on/off encender/apagar un interruptor
light switch interruptor (m) de la luz
the on-off switch el interruptor de encendido y apagado
he threw the switch on the tape recorder dio al interruptor del magnetofón
2 (change) cambio (m);from de;to a
what he wants is a switch to a market economy
this represents a dramatic switch in US policy esto representa un cambio dramático en la política estadounidense
last weekend's switch to metrication wasn't such a nightmare after all a policy switch a switch to Labour the concert finally went ahead after a last-minute switch of venue
to make the switch from X to Y pasar de X a Y
journalists who make the switch from radio to TV
he had made the switch from writing screenplays to novels había pasado de escribir guiones a escribir novelas
new technology made a switch to oil possible there has been a switch away from the assertive colours of the Thatcher years
they have made the switch from dictatorship to democracy han hecho la transición de la dictadura a la democracia
3 (swap, substitution) cambio (m)
to make a switch hacer un cambio
I asked him why he'd made the switch the President has made a switch in his defence ministers
that's not my necklace, there has been a switch esa no es mi gargantilla, me la han cambiado or me han hecho un cambio; esa no es mi gargantilla, me han dado un cambiazo (informal)
I am glad my baby was with me all the time, otherwise I would have worried that there might have been a switch in the hospital `There'd been a switch either en route for the quarry, or more likely as soon as they arrived there there may have been a baggage switch at the airport
4 (stick) vara (f); (for riding) fusta (f)
the headmaster kept a switch in his study for punishing naughty schoolboys
5 [of hair] postizo (m)
6 (US) (Ferro) (points) agujas (f); (siding) vía (f) muerta
verbo transitivo
1 (change) [+tactics] cambiar de
they've switched tactics listeners switch channels when he comes on the air the encouragement of a friend spurred Chris into switching jobs Gaelic speakers will invariably switch their conversation into English the moment they spot a stranger many voters have switched allegiance to switch plans the cynical behaviour of individual politicians who are ready to switch their allegiance out of naked self-interest
if you switch allegiance from one party to another ... si cambias de bando y vas de un partido a otro ...; how quickly people switch allegiances! ¡hay que ver con qué rapidez se cambia de chaqueta la gente!
buyers switch brands pretty freely three opposition members who switched sides
50 per cent of car buyers are prepared to switch brands un 50 por ciento de los compradores de coche están dispuestos a pasarse a una nueva marca
2 (move) [+production] trasladar;from de;to a;
to switch production to another factory their intention is to switch production from Germany to Greece
she quickly switched the conversation to another topic rápidamente desvió la conversación hacia otro tema
3 (swap, exchange) (honestly) cambiar; (dishonestly) cambiar; dar el cambiazo a (informal)
we had to switch taxis when the first broke down tuvimos que cambiar de taxi cuando el primero tuvo una avería; the ballot boxes have been switched han cambiado las urnas; han dado el cambiazo a las urnas (informal)
in half an hour, they'd switched the tags on every cable
to switch sth for sth cambiar algo por algo
he switched the forgery for the original the baby's name tag was switched [with] that of Jane Wright
he switched the real painting with the fake one cambió el cuadro verdadero por el falso
4 (Electricity and Electronics)
he switched the heater to "low" puso el calentador en "bajo"
5 especially (US) (Ferro)
to switch a train to another line cambiar un tren a otra vía
6 (lash) [+tail] mover; agitar
to switch the grass with one's cane agitar la hierba con la vara
verbo intransitivo
1 (change) cambiar;from de;to a
he switched to another topic cambió de tema
we switched to oil central heating Drink less coffee and tea or switch to decaffeinated the law would encourage companies to switch from coal to cleaner fuels
I've switched to a cheaper brand of washing powder (me) he cambiado a una marca de detergente más barata
she switched to a vegetarian diet
2 (swap round) hacer un cambio; cambiarse;with con
he had switched with another driver había hecho un cambio con otro conductor; se había cambiado con otro conductor
I'm on duty on Saturday but I'll switch with one of the other men
3 (move) [+production] trasladarse;to a
production will switch to the Glasgow plant next week la producción se trasladará a la planta de Glasgow la semana que viene
her interest had switched to my health attention will switch at the weekend to the World Health Organization Conference
you can switch between windows using the mouse puedes cambiar de una ventana a otra utilizando el ratón
Presumably switching between the two households caused the hired help to become dreadfully confused about standards


sustantivo masculino
1. (electrónica) (Latinoamérica) 
a. switch 
Enciende la luz, por favor. - ¿Dónde está el switch?Turn on the light, please. - Where's the switch?
2. (automóvil) (México) 
El carro no arranca, y creo que el problema está en el switch.The car won't start, and I think the problem is with the ignition switch.
switch [esˈwitʃ]
especialmente (México)
1 (Electricidad y Eléctronica) switch
2 (Automóviles) ignition; ignition switch
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