verbo transitivo
1. (remitir para consideración) 
a. presentar 
He submitted his candidature for the post.Presentó su candidatura para el puesto.
b. entregar 
Your test results will be submitted to the doctor.Los resultados de tus pruebas serán entregados al doctor.
2. (informática) 
a. enviar 
Select the file and then hit the submit button.Selecciona el archivo y luego pulsa el botón para enviar.
3. (argumentar) 
a. sostener 
I submit it cannot be proved that this pistol is his.Yo sostengo que no se puede demostrar que la pistola sea suya.
verbo intransitivo
4. (rendirse) 
a. someterse 
He had to submit to her will.Tuvo que someterse a sus deseos.
verbo transitivo
1. (en general) 
a. presentar 
to submit something for approval/inspectionpresentar algo para su aprobación/inspección
verbo intransitivo
2. (to person, authority) 
a. someterse 
submit [səbˈmɪt]
verbo transitivo
1 (put forward) [+proposal, claim, report] presentar; [+evidence] presentar; aducir; [+account] rendir
to submit that ... proponer que ...; sugerir que ...; I submit that ... me permito sugerir que ...; to submit a play to the censor someter una obra a la censura; to submit a dispute to arbitration someter una disputa a arbitraje
2 (subject) someter
to submit o.s. to sth someterse a algo
Why should you submit yourself to constant examination of your actions by your workforce? He politely refused to submit himself to further questioning they were among many who willingly submitted themselves to the surgeon's scalpel when face-lift surgery first became all the rage they must submit themselves unconditionally to his authority
to submit o.s. to sb someterse a algn
if we surrender ourselves to God and submit ourselves to Him through obedience
verbo intransitivo
(give in) rendirse; someterse
to submit to sth someterse a algo; he refused to submit to drugs tests se negó a someterse a la prueba del doping; to submit to authority someterse a la autoridad; to submit to pressure ceder ante la presión
if he is willing to submit to the authority of the United Nations he won't submit to pressure
he had to submit to this indignity tuvo que aguantar esta afrenta
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