1. (modo) 
a. el estilo (M) 
Lying is not my style.Mentir no es mi estilo.
2. (bellas artes) 
a. el estilo (M) 
The Romanesque style was austere.El estilo románico era austero.
3. (elegancia) 
a. el estilo (M) 
She wears everything with style.Lleva todo con estilo.
4. (a la última) 
a. la moda (F) 
Fur coats are in style again.Los abrigos de pieles vuelven a estar de moda.
5. (diseño) 
a. el estilo (M) 
I would like a blouse in the style of the one I'm wearing.Quisiera una blusa del estilo de la que llevo.
6. (forma de peinarse) 
This style suits your hair type.Este estilo de peinado es apropiado para tu pelo.
7. (denominación legal) 
a. el nombre (M) 
They trade under the style of McFarland and Sons.Su nombre comercial es McFarland and Sons.
8. (botánica) 
a. el estilo (M) 
The seed formation occurs by pollination of the flower's style.Las semillas se forman mediante la polinización del estilo de la flor.
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9. (crear) 
a. diseñar 
She styled the house of her dreams.Diseñó la casa de sus sueños.
10. (hacer un peinado) 
a. peinar 
This hairdresser has styled a lot of actresses.Este peluquero ha peinado a muchas actrices.
11. (arreglar con ropa) 
a. vestir 
Valentino styled the actress for the red carpet.Valentino vistió a la actriz para la alfombra roja.
12. (designar) 
a. llamar 
He styled himself professor.Se hacía llamar profesor.
1. (manner, design, sophistication) 
a. el estilo (M) 
she has styletiene estilo
to live in stylevivir con lujo
2. (fashion) 
a. la moda (F) 
to be in styleestar de moda
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3. (design) 
a. diseñar 
4. (hair) 
a. peinar 
style [staɪl]
1 (Mús) (Art) (Literat) estilo (m)
a mixture of musical styles
in the style of Mozart al estilo de Mozart
in the style of a classical Greek tragedy Morrison likes to experiment with style. At moments of lyrical intensity, words become so sensual that their semantic content is almost overwhelmed by their music the style and vocabulary of new writers like himself The success of the novel rests more on the powerful and inventive style than the lucidity of the structure
a building in the neoclassical style un edificio de estilo neoclásico
2 (design, model) estilo (m)
several styles of hat these coats are made in 2 styles Babies' plastic pants come in several styles
I want something in that style quiero algo de ese estilo
3 (mode) estilo (m)
we must change our style of play debemos cambiar nuestro estilo de juego
I like their style of football the European style of running his style of driving St Andrews requires a different style of golf
the present style of leadership el estilo actual de liderazgo
children's different needs and learning styles
management style estilo (m) administrativo; style of living estilo (m) de vida; in the Italian style al estilo italiano; a la italiana; that's the style! ¡así se hace!; ¡muy bien!; this is a lesson in economics, nineties style esta es una lección de economía al estilo de los noventa
etiquette, Nineties-style is covered in a new guide for mobile phone users The haze which hung over many towns and cities yesterday may not look as menacing as the pea-soupers that clogged London in the Forties and Fifties. Yet smog, Nineties-style, is possibly even more dangerous
6 March, old/new style 6 de marzo, según el calendario juliano/gregoriano
4 (elegance) estilo (m)
there's no style about him no tiene nada de estilo
she had not lost her grace and style
to have style tener estilo
she has style
to do sth in style hacer algo por todo lo alto or a lo grande; they celebrated in style lo celebraron por todo lo alto or a lo grande; to live in style vivir por todo lo alto or rodeado de lujo; to travel in style viajar por todo lo alto; he won in fine style ganó de manera impecable
5 (fashion) moda (f)
he wore a simple blue-grey suit in Sixties style
to go out of style [+mode of dress] pasar de moda
when a particular pattern went out of style, the fabric could be obtained a lot more cheaply
they spent money like it was going out of style gastaban dinero a troche y moche or como si fuera agua; she was drinking vodka like it was going out of style bebía vodka como si se estuviera acabando el mundo
6 (way of behaving) estilo (m)
I like your style me gusta tu estilo
I like Jeremy Paxman. I like his style I like his style and humour
that's not her style eso no es su estilo
I like his style - he doesn't take himself too seriously you would be advised to develop your own individual style to cramp sb's style
7 (also hairstyle) peinado (m)
From the feather cut to the Beatles cut, the newest styles are easy to maintain and surprisingly versatile
8 (form of address) título (m)
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1 (call, designate)
the headmaster is styled "rector" al director se le llama "rector"
Athelstan was styled "King of the English and Emperor of Britain"
he styles himself "Doctor" se hace llamar "Doctor"
she styles herself environmental spokesperson
2 (design) [+clothes, car, model] diseñar
The dress is styled for maximum comfort the Italian designers responsible for styling Ferraris
to style sb's hair peinar a algn; Jackie's hair was styled by ... Jackie ha sido peinada por ...; her hair is styled in a bob lleva una melena corta
you've had your hair styled
3 (Tip) [+manuscript] editar siguiendo el estilo de la editorial; (siguiendo el estilo de la editorial)
style book (n) (Tip) libro (m) de estilo
style guru (n) gurú (m) de la moda
She has consulted the style gurus and image-makers about her troublesome hair
style sheet (n) (Comput) hoja (f) de estilo
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