Esta palabra debe usarse con el artículo definido y escribirse con letra mayúscula inicial en el contexto mostrado en 4).
1. (emoción sexual o romántica) 
The passion of their first years together faded with time.La pasión de sus primeros años juntos se fue apagando con el tiempo.
The soprano sang with passion.La soprano cantó con pasión.
2. (entusiasmo o ilusión) 
I want to build a career out of my passion for drawing.Quiero hacer carrera de mi pasión por el dibujo.
3. (cólera) 
a. la ira (F) 
After finding out about his wife cheating on him, he killed her in a fit of passion.Tras descubrir que su mujer lo engañaba, la mató en un arrebato de ira.
4. (religioso) 
We're studying textual representations of the Passion of Christ in my theology class.Estamos estudiando representaciones textuales de la Pasión de Cristo en mi clase de teología.
1. (emotion, desire) 
a. la pasión (F) 
2. (anger, vehemence) 
a. la ira (F) 
to have a passion for somethingsentir pasión por algo
in a fit of passionen un arrebato de ira
she hates him with a passionlo odia con toda su alma
3. (derecho) 
a. sin traducción directa 
crime of passioncrimen pasional
4. (religión) 
a. sin traducción directa 
the Passion (of Christ)la Pasión (de Cristo)
passion fruitgranadilla f, fruta de la pasión
passion [ˈpæʃən]
1 (love) (sexual, fig) pasión (f)
Maggy, the object of his passions he'd been nursing a secret passion for me all these years I felt such extraordinary passion for this girl flirtations often develop into passions the expression of love and passion my passion for a dark-haired, slender boy named James all the passion has gone out of our relationship his other great passion was Italy her work has become an all-consuming passion he and his father shared a passion for football to [develop] a passion for sth Sam has developed a passion for junk food
his passion for accuracy su pasión por la exactitud; I have a passion for shellfish el marisco me apasiona
she had a passion for gardening
2 (fervour, emotion) pasión (f)
he spoke with great passion habló con gran pasión; political passions are running high las pasiones políticas están caldeadas
he said with passion their attempt /to arouse nationalistic passions/ against the foreigner her voice shook with passion she sings with great passion she sat and answered questions; sometimes with passion, sometimes with dispassion this year's campaign has been fought with passion and at times anger the passion and commitment of the candidate he admired the intensity and passion of Bevan with [a] passion
she has taken to golf with a passion ha empezado a jugar al golf y le apasiona
he hated them with a passion he has embraced the free market philosophy with a passion
3 (anger) cólera (f); pasión (f)
to be in a passion estar encolerizado; to do sth in a fit of passion hacer algo en un arrebato or un arranque de cólera or pasión
she killed her husband in a fit of passion
to fly into a passion montar en cólera; encolerizarse
he flew into a passion at the suggestion to [get] into a passion (about sth) seeing his soldiers retreating, the general got into a passion and shouted "for shame!"
4 (Rel)
the Passion la Pasión; the St John/St Matthew Passion la Pasión según San Juan/San Mateo
there were plays and special dramas for the Nativity, the Passion, Easter and Corpus Christi
passion fruit (n) granadilla (f)
passion fruit sorbet passion fruit juice
Passion play (n) misterio (m)
Passion Sunday (n) Domingo (m) de Pasión
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passion fruit
la maracuyá
my passion
mi pasión
do it with passion or not at all
hazlo con pasión o no lo hagas
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