1. (medicina) 
He was unable to walk for three weeks after the operation.No pudo caminar durante tres semanas después de la operación.
She is recovering from an operation she had last week.Se está recuperando de una intervención quirúrgica a la que fue sometida la semana pasada.
2. (actividad) 
He was the head of CIA operations in Beirut.Era el jefe de las operaciones de la CIA en Beirut.
3. (acción de funcionar) 
The power plant will not be in operation until next year.La central eléctrica no entrará en funcionamiento hasta el año que viene.
4. (misión) 
Three men were arrested in an undercover police operation.Tres hombres fueron detenidos en una operación secreta de la policía.
5. (acción de manejar) 
a. el uso (M) 
They are keeping a close eye on the operation of the new planning system.Están vigilando de cerca el uso del nuevo sistema de planificación.
b. el manejo (M) 
The expert advises them on the operation of the electronic equipment they use in their jobs.El experto los asesora en el manejo de los equipos electrónicos que utilizan en su trabajo.
6. (empresa) 
The company is a huge operation, employing 240,000 people worldwide.La empresa es una operación enorme que tiene 240,000 empleados en todo el mundo.
7. (informática) 
This is a computer that will process a million operations per second.Esta es una computadora capaz de procesar un millón de operaciones por segundo.
8. (matemáticas) 
Students should not rely solely on calculators to perform mathematical operations.Los estudiantes no deben recurrir siempre a las calculadoras para ejecutar las operaciones matemáticas.
sustantivo plural
9. (comercio) 
Newman oversees the company's mining operations in Chile.Newman supervisa las operaciones mineras de la empresa en Chile.
1. (of machine) 
a. el funcionamiento (M) 
to be in operationestar funcionando
to come into operationentrar en vigor
2. (process) 
a. la tarea f, operación (F) 
a firm's operationslas operaciones or actividades de una empresa
3. (medicina) 
a. la operación (F) 
to have an operation (for something)operarse (de algo)
4. (militar) 
a. la operación (F) 
operations roomcentro de control
operation [ˌɒpəˈreɪʃən]
1 (functioning) funcionamiento (m)
the system is now in its third year of operation the conversion of a Wellington bomber for high altitude operation
to be in operation [+machine, system, business] estar en funcionamiento or en marcha; estar funcionando; [+law] ser vigente; estar en vigor
once the franchise is in operation, the franchisee must pay monthly fees the overriding principle in operation at all stages was the maintenance of a balance
to come into operation [+machine, system] entrar en funcionamiento; [+law] entrar en vigor; the system is designed to come into operation in 2003 está previsto que el sistema entre en funcionamiento en 2003
Eurotunnel/the voucher system is designed to come into operation in June 1993 should this happen, emergency procedures will come into operation by the time the new system comes into operation we should be right on target contributions paid since the 1975 Pension Act came into operation the new laws aren't due to come into operation until September
to put sth into operation [+plan, factory] poner algo en funcionamiento or en marcha
it takes about ten years to build and bring into operation a large modern power station about 350 new factories were built and put into operation the aircraft was new, put into operation within the last year search teams immediately put into operation France's civil disaster Plan Red the Act was put into operation by the government as soon as it took office way of operating who can understand the operation of the human mind?
2 (use) [of controls, machine] manejo (m); [of system] uso (m)
the operation of the controls is quite straightforward
3 (activity) operación (f)
United Nations peacekeeping operations las operaciones de paz de las Naciones Unidas; our operations in Egypt [of company] nuestras operaciones en Egipto; [of mine, oil well] nuestras operaciones or explotaciones en Egipto; moving house is an expensive operation mudarse de casa resulta caro
rebuilding operations began at once he is vice president of all U.S. sales and marketing operations
4 (Med) operación (f); intervención (f) quirúrgica (formal)
a liver operation una operación de hígado; will I need an operation? ¿hará falta que me operen?
a hysterectomy is a major operation she is convalescing after an operation
to have or (formal) undergo an operation for appendicitis operarse de apendicitis; to have or (formal) undergo an operation to remove a tumour someterse a una operación or una intervención quirúrgica para extirpar un tumor (formal); to perform an operation on sb operar a algn
to [perform] an operation on sb (for sth/to do sth) he was in no fit state to perform a surgical operation Dr Careccia decided to perform a Cesarian operation Irish courts cannot stop UK clinics performing the operation they performed an operation to remove her ovaries to [undergo] an operation (for sth/to do sth) she will have to undergo another operation within a fortnight the patient had undergone an operation for removal of tonsils
5 (Comm) (business) operación (f)
the European end of our operation is valued at six million dollars they have now moved their operation to Arizona the next year they expanded and moved the whole operation to Brooklyn the heifers were a part of the farm operation Bills and Coo, an efficient mass-market operation an illegal gambling operation
6 (Mil) operación (f)
the staff at operations headquarters /the US military operation in Somalia/ was proceeding smoothly the current Assistant Chief of Naval Operations he was once the director of military operations in the Middle East under General Al Haig if the United Nations approves a military operation to safeguard relief efforts the raid, part of a nationwide operation code-named Cricket, may have netted one of Britain's biggest suppliers of the drug
Operation Torch Operación Antorcha
7 (Economics) (St Ex) (transaction) operación (f)
operations on the Stock Exchange las operaciones bursátiles; la actividad bursátil
operations on the Stock Exchange do not seem to have been affected by the news
8 (Mat) (Comput) operación (f)
some children can carry out certain mathematical operations before the age of 4 or 5 the computer itself, the box full of electronic circuits which carry out logical or mathematical operations
operation code (n) código (m) de operación
operations research (n) investigaciones (f) operativas or operacionales
operations room (n) (Police) centro (m) de coordinación; (Mil) centro (m) de operaciones
a call will go straight to a centralised operations room covering all emergency services the continual buzzing of telephones, and the rattle of computerized equipment in the operations room the chapel had been turned into a field operations room and dressing station combined the operations rooms of the French, American and British troops
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