1. (evidente) 
a. marcado 
There had been a marked increase in the cost of rent while Eunice was away.Hubo un marcado aumento en el precio del alquiler mientras Eunice estuvo fuera del país.
b. notable 
The crowd noticed a marked improvement in the quality of the band during their second tour.El público notó una notable mejora en la calidad de la banda durante su segunda gira.
c. acusado 
There is a very marked difference between this novel and the author's last.Hay una diferencia realmente acusada entre esta novela y la última del autor.
d. fuerte (acento) 
Nelly knew immediately that Ewen was Scottish from his marked brogue.Nelly supo inmediatamente que Ewen era escocés por su acento fuerte.
2. (señalado) 
a. marcado 
After losing all his money at the casino, Diego realized the cards were marked.Después de perder todo su dinero en el casino, Diego se dio cuenta de que las cartas estaban marcadas.
3. (figurado) (declarado como blanco) 
a. marcado (figurado) 
Daniel knew he had to get out of the city; he was a marked man with his picture in all the papers.Daniel sabía que tenía que salir de la ciudad; era un hombre marcado con su foto en todos los periódicos.
1. (difference) 
a. marcado(a) 
2. (improvement) 
a. notable 
marked cardscartas marcadas
to be a marked mantener los días contados
marked [mɑːkt]
1 (noticeable) [+improvement, increase, deterioration, reduction] marcado; notable; [+difference, change] acusado; marcado; [+contrast] acusado; fuerte
her behaviour showed a marked contrast to the fits of temper she displayed before
[+accent] marcado; fuerte; [+effect] acusado; notable; [+reluctance] notable; evidente
the difference has become more marked la diferencia se ha vuelto más acusada or marcada; la diferencia se acusa cada vez más; he was a quiet boy, in marked contrast to his raucous brothers era un chico callado, muy diferente a sus escandalosos hermanos
His programme, in marked contrast to that of 1981, contained few specific commitments few people were on the streets in marked contrast to February 28th, when allied troops pushed into the town ...a marked increase in the use of drugs He has shown marked improvements in spelling and writing Tests on 33 patients showed a marked improvement in their condition ...a marked decline in living standards For the past 18 months Dave had found a marked reduction in his sex There has been a marked deterioration in living conditions ...a marked difference in taste between British andAmerican chocolate there was a marked variation in the number of exam passes The year 1953 brought a marked change in the political climate there has been a marked change in attitude on the part of the French he had a marked Yorkshire accent The effect of oil pollution will become more marked Physical exercise can have a quite marked effect on thebody's immune The overall quality of her work has shown a markedimprovement there has been a marked decline/increase in the number of people out of work There is a marked reluctance to confront racism a marked lack of enthusiasm/understanding He greeted the proposal with a marked lack of enthusiasm Mr Deer's comments showed a marked lack of understanding of the issues There was reported to be marked lack of public support for thescheme
2 (targeted)
to be a marked man ser un hombre marcado
They've told me I'm a marked man and if they don't get me in court then I'll be done away with they spent up to 35 years in Siberian forced-labour camps, and if they survived to become `free" again they still remained marked men or women
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