1. (postura) 
He lost a lot of money on his last bet.Perdió mucho dinero en su última apuesta.
verbo transitivo
2. (jugada) 
a. apostar 
I'll bet you my team wins.Te apuesto a que gana mi equipo.
verbo intransitivo
3. (jugada) 
a. apostar 
We bet on horse number four.Apostamos al caballo número cuatro.
1. (gamble) 
a. la apuesta (F) 
to make or place a bethacer una apuesta
2. (guess, option) 
a. sin traducción directa 
my bet is that he'll comepersonalmente, creo que vendrá
your best bet would be to…lo mejor que puedes hacer es…
it's a safe betes casi seguro
verbo transitivo
3. (gamble) 
a. apostar 
I'll bet you £10te apuesto 10 libras
4. (coloquial) 
a. sin traducción directa 
I bet you don't!¡a que no!
I bet you she'll winte apuesto or qué te apuestas a que gana ella
I bet you anything he won't do itte apuesto lo que quieras a que no lo consigue
verbo intransitivo
5. (gamble) 
a. sin traducción directa 
to bet on a horseapostar a un caballo
6. (coloquial) 
a. sin traducción directa 
I wouldn't bet on it!yo no me apostaría nada
you bet!¡ya lo creo!, ¡por supuesto!
John says he's sorry — I bet he does!John dice que lo siente — ¡ya lo creo! or
bet [bet] bet (past)
verbo intransitivo
1 (place bet) apostar
I'm not a betting man no me gusta apostar; to bet against sb apostar que algn va a perder
it would be a brave person who bets against Germany to win you're not going to bet against Sampras, are you? I lost some money at poker, betting against a fellow who had a hidden ace in the hole
to bet on sth/sb apostar a or por algo/por algn; I bet on the wrong horse aposté por el or al caballo que no debía; they are forbidden to bet on their own races tienen prohibido apostar en sus propias carreras
they are far too shrewd to bet on only one horse his only distractions are betting on horse races people are betting on a white christmas
2 (be certain)
don't bet on it! I wouldn't bet on it! ¡no estés tan seguro!
(do you) want to bet? ¿qué te apuestas or juegas?; "are you going?" — "you bet!" —¿vas a ir? —¡hombre, claro! or —¡cómo no!; (LAm) "I'm so relieved it's all over" — "I'll bet" —es un alivio que todo haya pasado —ya me lo imagino
"she said she was coming" — "I bet" "do you think it'll be sunny tomorrow?" "I wouldn't bet on it" "he's laughing all over his face." — "I bet" "maybe I will do something." — "I bet," Thomas said "money can't buy happiness" — "do you want to bet?"
verbo transitivo
1 (stake) [+money] apostar; jugar
I bet £10 on a horse called Premonition aposté 10 libras a or por un caballo llamado Premonition; jugué 10 libras a un caballo llamado Premonition
to bet (that) ...
he bet them (that) they would lose hizo una apuesta con ellos a que perdían; he bet them £500 that they would lose les apostó or jugó 500 libras a que perdían
I bet you a fiver that ...
2 (predict) apostar; jugarse
I bet you anything or any money he won't come te apuesto or me juego lo que quieras a que no viene; you can bet she'll be there puedes tener por seguro que estará allí; "I bet I can jump over that stream" — "I bet you can't!" —¡a que puedo saltar ese arroyo! —¡a que no!; "it wasn't easy" — "I bet it wasn't" —no fue fácil —ya me imagino que no
I bet she doesn't come
you can bet your bottom dollar or your life that ... puedes apostarte lo que quieras a que ...; "did you tell him off?" — "you bet your life I did!" —¿le reñiste? —¡ya lo creo!
1 (stake) apuesta (f)
a £5 bet una apuesta de 5 libras
to [have] [make] a bet (with sb)
I had a bet on that horse había apostado por ese caballo; I've made a bet with him that he can't do it le he hecho una apuesta a que no puede hacerlo; (do you) want a bet? ¿qué te apuestas or juegas?
I wouldn't like to have a bet at the outcome of the talks you can have a bet on almost anything these days I sometimes had a bet on the old King's horses out of loyalty to [place] [put] lay a bet (on sth)
they placed bets on who could get her to talk apostaron a ver quién podía hacerla hablar; place your bets! ¡hagan sus apuestas!
he placed a bet on the race I'm going to put a bet on that horse I was too late to put a bet on the race Petey asked me to place a bet for him on a colt named All Smiles he placed a bet on the 3.30 at Wincanton many companies have lost millions of dollars placing bets on the wrong horses
to take bets aceptar apuestas
bookmakers have stopped taking bets on the election date bookies are taking bets on a white Christmas we'll take bets on it William Hill took bets up to Pounds 200 on a 100-degree high this summer to [hedge] one's bets When someone hedges their bets, they follow two courses of action or avoid making a decision between two things for a while because they are not sure which one is right I'm deliberately hedging my bets here
2 (prediction)
it's my bet he's up to no good apuesto a que está tramando algo
my bet is that next year will be different
it's a fair or good bet that interest rates will go up es muy posible que los tipos de interés van a subir
it's a fair good bet that he'll come
he's a good bet for president es el que más posibilidades tiene de conseguir la presidencia
Daniel Ortega is a good bet to remain leader it's a safe bet it's a [safe] bet (that) they don't know yet
3 (option)
it's our best bet es la mejor opción que tenemos
I'd give him the job - he's our best bet
your best or safest bet is to keep quiet about it lo mejor que puedes hacer es no decir nada; these companies are a safe bet for investors estas compañías no presentan ningún riesgo para los inversores
one's [best] bet recommended course of action in this weather, you're best bet would be to stick to the main roads
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I bet you don't know what I'm saying
a qué no entiendes lo que estoy diciendo
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