fish or cut bait o lo tomas o lo dejas, deja de demorar, comprométete
(toma una decisión)
To frame somebody vtr. (law) (United States)
The accused was framed.
tender una trampa a alguien vtr. (ley)
se tende una trampa al acusado.
Be as sly as a fox Ser un pájaro
to be at one’s heels Ir a los alcances
(I heard it) straight from the horse's mouth Me lo contó el propio (afectado, protagonista, interesado)
Get a head start
Yesterday I read the lesson to get a head start.
Conseguir una ventaja
Ayer leí la lección para conseguir una ventaja.
We're in the money Estamos forrados
to hit a nerve / to hit a sore spot tocar la fibra sensible
It is not to be sneezed at. no es de despreciar or desdeñar, no es para hacerle ascos (fam)
To take a shine to somebody tomar simpatía a alguien
It's a far cry from...
Shakespeare Is a far cry from the English of texting
It's totally different than...
Es muy lejos de...
El idioma de Shakespeare es muy lejos del idioma de textear.
No se parece en nada a...
Wag the dog la cola/el rabo que mueve al perro
To give a punch
►To deliver a punch
Pegar un puñetazo
(Do something) As if your life depended on it (Hacer algo) Como si te fuera la vida en ello
A light bulb went off in his head Tuvo una gran idea
What is it about? ¿De qué se trata?
To lose track
To lose track (of one's way, of one's train of thought)
Perder el rumbo
To fly by the seat of your pants Improvisar sobre la marcha
To shoulder responsibility asumir la responsabilidad
a shot in the dark un tiro a ciegas
►un disparo al aire; un disparo en el aire; dar palos al aire
Jump down someone's throat Enojarse y regañar a alguien
Leave someone in the dust
My sister leaves me in the dust when it comes to mathematics.
This could be literal, or metaphorical
Alejarse rápidamente de alguien / superar a alguien
Mi hermana me supera en la materia de matemáticas.
To knock one's socks off Asombrar y sorprender a alguien
To be out of the woods
John was recovering from his illness, but he was still not out of the woods.
Estar fuera de peligro y dificultad
To be on the line
John's job was on the line because he could not complete his work on time.
Estar en peligro
To feel like a million dollars Sentirse maravillosamente bien
To toot one's own horn Jactarse de sí mismo
To scream bloody murder
When we assigned John an office without a window, he screamed bloody murder
Protestar en voz alta o con ira
Right off the bat
When little Johnny first tried to ride his new bicycle, he fell on his head right off the bat.
Go to bat for someone
I tried to go to bat for Richard, but he said he didn't want any help.
The expression derives from baseball.
Ayudar o apoyar a alguien
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