"tear" in the Phrasebook

to tear to pieces hacer pedazos
shed crocodile tears
He cried crocodile tears when he discovered that he couldn`t go to the meeting
a show of sorrow that is not really felt
llorar lágrimas de cocodrilo
"He succeeded through blood, sweat and tears (to take a lot of effort) sangre, sudor y lágrimas
holding back one's tears conteniendo las lágrimas
to break into tears echarse a llorar
the car was tearing along el coche corría a todo gas
to be bored to tears/out of your mind/out of your gourd/to be bored stiff
The lesson is so boring today...I am bored to tears!
aburrirse como una ostra
¡La clase es tan aburrida hoy...me estoy aburriendo como una ostra!
To burst into tears
He burst into tears when he saw his leg was gone.
echar a llorar
Echó a llorar al descubrir que había perdido una pierna.
To tear into someone;
►to chew someone out; to give someone an earful; to come down hard on someone; to upbraid or criticize someone roundly
echarle los perros a alguien
►soltar los perros a alguien; echar una bronca a alguien
natural wear and tear el desgaste natural