"finger" in the Phrasebook

to be all fingers and thumbs ser un manazas
ser torpe
To lay a finger on someone. Ponerle las manos encima.
I cannot put a finger on it.
To be unable to identify something specifically and correctly
No sé exactamente (qué) ....
My fingers have gone dead Se me han dormido los dedos
Work one's fingers to the bone
I work my fingers to the bone in order to provide for my family.
to work very hard
Matarse trabajando
Me mato a trabajar (Me mato trabajando) para mantener a mi familia.
trabajar mucho
To have 'sticky fingers'
to be a thief
tener la mano larga
ser una mano larga
To put one's finger on it.
We spent hours trying to understand it and he put his finger on the problem as soon as he arrived.
To identify the problem or the reason that a certain situation exists.
Entender el problema
Pasábamos horas tratando de entenderlo pero él entendió el problema en cuanto llegó.
Establecer el problema o el porque de cierta situación.
To wind someone around ones little finger. Tener a alguien en la palma de la mano
to get one's fingers burnt
to suffer the consequences
sufrir las consecuencias
Finger-licking good Para chuparse los dedos