Top 20 Most Translated English Words

These are some of the top 20 most searched for and translated English words. If you already know how to say "hello", "please", and "thank you" in Spanish, you can pick up some more advanced vocabulary here and get on your way to sounding like a native Spanish speaker.

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    English Word Spanish Translation
  1. therefore
  2. por lo tanto
  3. however
  4. sin embargo
  5. performance
  6. rendimiento
  7. to provide
  8. proveer
  9. to approach
  10. acercarse
  11. thus
  12. de este modo
  13. support
  14. apoyo
  15. issue
  16. el asunto
  17. overview
  18. resumen
  19. regarding
  20. con respecto a
  21. to release
  22. liberar
  23. otherwise
  24. de lo contrario
  25. feedback
  26. retroalimentación
  27. to lead
  28. dirigir
  29. to claim
  30. reclamar
  31. as well as
  32. además de
  33. further
  34. más lejos
  35. furthermore
  36. además
  37. address
  38. la dirección
  39. to set up
  40. configurar

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