¡Dale! The Most Popular Reggaeton Songs

Chances are, you've heard reggaeton. Whether on your home stereo, streaming out of car radios, or at the last party you went to, reggaeton has made its way into American pop culture. In case you've never heard the genre, there's an entire Spotify playlist devoted to it that you listen to below! Even if you consider yourself a reggaeton connoisseur, feel free to press play and set the mood.

Now that we've got you bumping to the deep, driving downbeats characteristic of reggaeton, we can tell you that Pitbull and the rest of Top 40 reggaeton isn't necessarily real reggaeton. Like any genre, what comes out of recording studios today is a more processed, polished version of the raw beats and verses that first defined reggaeton. So, here is our list of 5 reggaeton staples you need to listen to. And no, your ears will purposefully not be graced by Mr. Worldwide.

1. Nadie Como Tú -- Wisin y Yandel

2. Ayer La Vi -- Don Omar

3. Atrévate Te Te -- Calle 13

4. Ella Me Levantó -- Daddy Yankee

5. Ahora Es -- Wisin y Yandel

By no means is this a comprehensive list – consider it your reggaeton starter pack! Now that we've shown you some of the best, grab some friends, turn up the beats, and ¡bailaaaa!

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