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Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey and have their voice heard.  We received thousands of responses from all over the world and got invaluable feedback to improve the site. 

Congratulations to the gift card winners Kait N. from Arizona and Ira B. from Connecticut!

We will use everyone’s thoughts to help shape our product development going forward and prioritize where we focus our resources.

In just over a week since launching the new site, we’ve made tons of improvements.  If you see anything else we should look into, please report it using the Feedback tab on the right.  Due to limited resources we cannot implement each change, but we promise we will read and fully consider every message.

Going forward, we will continue our efforts to bring you the best Spanish reference and language learning materials on the Internet.

Thanks for all your feedback and for using our site!

The SpanishDict Team



Thank you for all of your effort. I am delighted with SD. Congrats to Kait N. and Ira B as well.


¡Felicidades amigos! ;-)


Thank you for trying to improves this site. I like SD and all its tools.


I also really like the new SD. Things work much better and the tools are great.


(: Love!!


I love the SD . I've been a member for a while now and things are working much better :))


thank you so much

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