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We are happy to announce a powerful new translation tool for numbers, dates, and symbols.

Learning how to translate numbers and dates can be difficult. Traditional dictionaries and translation tools have always come up short—only showing the translations for a few numbers, leaving people to puzzle over the proper translation for larger numbers, dates, and symbols. With SpanishDict’s intelligent translation box, it is now simple. Just type in the date, time, number or symbol and you will receive translations in both Spanish and English.

You can try these examples:

5:00pm - A las cinco de la tarde

4th - el cuarto

173- ciento setenta y tres

:-) - sonrisa

06-30-2012 - el sábado, el treinta de junio, dos mil, doce

The range of the new translation tools is impressive. SpanishDict is equipped to handle numbers from −999,999,999,999,999 to 999,999,999,999,999. You can also get full translations on a wide spectrum of decimals, dates, times, common symbols and even smilies :). To get started, just use the following formats:

Numbers: ###,###.##


Time: HH:MMpm

We hope you enjoy the new functionality! Check out a fun little video too!



I do find it hard for some dates as I never know if it is the day or month first when it is something from outside the US.


This is fantastic! Thanks again!! :)


Love the new beta update!

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