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The SpanishDict Community Phrasebook allows members to create entries for compound words and phrases that are not currently included in the dictionary. Use it as a great resource to contribute idioms, technical jargon, and even slang. Our goal is 5,000 phrases in 6 months. Can we do it?

Suggest a Phrase

Know a phrase in English or Spanish and want to know how to translate it? Suggest the phrase and let a native speaker fill in the rest of the details. When your phrase gets published, you earn the Phrasebook Contributor badge just for helping out!

Add New Entry

If you know both the English and Spanish for a phrase that is not already in the dictionary, tell us! You can also provide examples, context, regional information, and any additional notes you may know about the phrase.

Top Quality Entries

We’ve appointed a few new moderators around here to help out all our new members (over 225,000!) and to make sure the phrases that represent the SpanishDict community are top quality. Each phrase submitted needs the approval from two moderators before it is included in the official SpanishDict Community Phrasebook.

Integration into the Dictionary

Once a phrase has been approved and is included in the official SpanishDict Community Phrasebook, it will also appear on dictionary entry pages that include that word. So if you look up “snooze” in the dictionary, you will also see “You snooze, you lose” on the same page.

We hope you enjoy (and use!) the new SpanishDict Community Phrasebook. Our members have such an enthusiasm for learning and teaching Spanish and English, that I have no doubt we’ll have the best Phrasebook on the internet in no time!



Oh yah! I love this idea! I imagine that it will be really popular indeed. The goal may of 5,000 in 6 mths may indeed be attainable. How do I begin? Is this Comments area my way to make a submission?


It will also be very useful since idioms and phrases are so much a part of the language (i'm sure in Spanish as much as in English). Carrying the phrases over to the dictionary will be an important inclusion to give us opportunity to be real pro's in speaking Spanish. // I say, Gratias! for a 'true blue' (Loyal / faithful) show of your commitment to this web learning tool!!


O.K. I CAN'T WAIT. SO let me put my 1st submissions here: 1. True blue - Meaning: Loyal and unwavering in one's opinions or support for a cause. // Has this expression been carried over to Spanish? Or is there some other such Spanish saying. What about, 2. Keep on trucking! - Meaning: general phrase of encouragement meaning to stay focused on a particular job or in general. / See more on - 22k - Cached Also found / Re: keep on trucking BAsically it's a way of saying "goodbye and take > care". It has the meaning of "keep going > See more on this version at, - 22k /// Question: Does the spanish language also have an idiom that matches these meanings? What about, 3. Go for it! - Meaning: In my own words, it would be stated when someone has shared a plan or idea that they are considering. It is an encouragement to them to take the plan into action, to 'go for it'. // o.k. So if this is the wrong venue, maybe I'll get to transfer these into the phrase book once its underway. Again, I say, GREAT IDEA!


The phrasebook sounds like an awesome idea! I'm finding one of the hardest things about learning languages is translation of ideas that don't fit neatly into conjugations or definitions - stuff that has developed over time in the culture itself. This is going to be really, really useful.


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This is a wonderful idea!




a very good idea


Killer Content


One of the best things in my life, and will someday be as revered as Daniel Webster.


Excellente, muy bien, gracias!

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