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There is an old lady ... very weak ... very ill .... she is expected to die soon. And therefore her favourite granddaughter is visiting her to say her last farewell to her ... Both are crying ... but then the old lady says in a weak and soft voice: "Listen, my child, listen well. You are my favourite granddaughter, I love you very much and therefore I want to give you my most valuable possession." "But, granny, that is not neces_ _ _" "Yes, it is! Because it is my wish that good care will be taken of my favourite, most valuable possesion." possession." "But, granny, you are old and poor _ _ _" "I have a farm ... a very prosperous farm with hundreds of animals and all the equipment that is needed ... it is very lucrative ... I have worked so hard ..." "Granny, you no longer know what you are saying. You have no farm and you are not rich." "I am." "And where is that farm of yours then, granny?" "On Facebook, sweety, on Farmville."