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My favorite options is shown here.

Wow, I really appreciate you highlighting this subject out of the "feedback" thread. Thanks!!!

I am definitely in favor of it.

After I made that post, Iza, I added a modified version...I wonder what you think of this, instead as compared to the one you have in your opening post.

![alt text][2]

alt text

There is a bit of trade off. My original idea makes it clear what the search bar does whether you interact with it or not, which is very nice. However, it requires stretching the search bar horizontally and the header vertically somewhat.

This second idea allows the search bar and header to remain "as-is" graphically speaking, which is good, but it has a downside in that the search bar remains somewhat mysterious until the user interacts with it.

Regardless, the most important thing to me is that the search bar incorporates the forum in its results (if only optionally) as I find that very useful (it is a feature I use all the time at, and I see no reason why I should first have to navigate to the forums to get to the forum search bar.

And, how often do we say, "Search the forums before posting such a commonly asked question?"