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I was wondering whether there were many of them out there, for example 'If I were a boy' by Beyoncé is translated into spanish and sung and a few other songs too, could anyone recomend any other songs like this? Or a spanish singer similar to Beyonce, or anyone on the charts at the moment?

Gracias ^^ xx

  • Posted May 20, 2009
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M-Clan, a band from Argentina has some great Spanish language covers of English songs. Try their version of Rod Stewart's, Maggie May. Also from Argentina, Charly Garcia has a cover of The Band's, The Weight entitled El Peso. Another popular Spanish language cover song is "No Rompas Mas" which is a cover of Billy Ray Cyrus', "Achy Breaky Heart" (yep, they remade it in Spanish). To discover more Spanish language covers visit TheSpanishVersion.Org.

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I'm not so much of a hip and less of a hop, but Christina Aguilera has some nice Spanish songs.

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This is some old but in the rock age many songs were sung in Spanish

Dave Maclean Lyrics

"Dave Maclean We Said Goodbye lyrics"

Spanish version
Grupo Iindios. Por qué nos dijimos adiós


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Some of my favorite English/spanish songs are:
1. More Than Words by Extreme.....>Mas Que Palabras por Frankie J (he has a lot of songs in both English and Spanish)
2. Imagine by Jaci Velasquez......>Imaginame Sin Ti por Luis Fonsi
3. Can't Stay Away From You by Gloria Estefan.....>Mi Vida No es Nada Sin Ti por Jaci Velasquez
4. Jump Around by House of Pain....>Brina por DJ Kane

Boys To Men, Very Popular in the 1990's has a CD in Spanish of there hits.

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I know some Pitbull songs have full spanish versions. But also i've found that "What you got" by Colby O'Donis has a spanish version called "Cuanto Quieres"

  1. Oh yeah, Mr. Lonely of Akon has a spanish version, which is sometimes wierd to hear.
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Warrior ' Guerrero

Spanish translation thanks to SpanishDict volunteers

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"Lucky" by Jason Mraz has an awesome spanish version calle "Suerte". Its ten times better than the english version.

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Shakira did her album "Laundry List" in both english and spanish. It's an older album, but an excellent one. Get it if you can! wink

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