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Hi everyone, I will be extremely grateful to you if you could tell me how to find Spanish movies online for free. I would like to watch or download Spanish movies with English subtitles, but all of the websides I have tried so far require subscribtion or registration which is paid. Does anybody know the key to this question? Many thanks in advance and may God bless you!


  • Posted Apr 6, 2009
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4 Answers

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On this site you can find streamed movies and series.


On Pirate bay you can download movies to your computer.


Both those sites are free.


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Try your local library.

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Here is the best site I have found.


I get this in Costa Rica so I have no idea about viewing it from the US.

Under the "Peliculas OnLine" tab are pages of movies including new releases all with Spanish subtitles. Also, watch series, movies in Spanish (the ones I watched did not have subtitles) and more. Some play better than others do.

Another site is Online Video Guide click on Latin America tab on the left.

It is the best movie and video search engine I have seen.

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try to use youtube.

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