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How do you say the sport ultimate frisbee? Disco algo'''

  • Posted Feb 25, 2009
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Actually we say the same, so "frisbee" is perfectly right, but for 'ultimate frisbee', you can use the same: "ultimate frisbee" or maybe you could say something like "lo último en Frisbee" or "el último Frisbee" or smthg like that. Any other suggestion'

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It remains unchanged in Spanish, just as we use the names of the sports sumo and karate without change in English. Of course, the sport is much less popular outside the US, so it is very likely that people will not understand the name, so you might have to describe it in Spanish. One site gives this: Hay que avanzar pasándose el disco reglamentario, hasta conseguir pasar a un compañero en el área de meta, marcando así un punto. No podemos desplazarnos o correr con el disco en la mano, ni puede haber contacto físico entre jugadores.

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frisbee supremo

frisbee ultimo

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I have also heard of ultimate frisbee referred to as Frisbee Football. What do you think about "Fútbol Americano con Disco'

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