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Seems like both of these terms mean "What a pity", so what's the better one to use'

  • Posted Feb 18, 2009
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Better for what? All languages have more than one way to say the same thing, and often one alternative is not necessarily better than another. I can see no significant difference between both alternatives, although I personally probably use "pena" more.

  • I agree I can't see any significant difference either although I use Qué lástima more often... it's just a personal preference - FELIZ77 Jul 15, 2010 flag
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What would be a good response to "que lastima"?

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Qué lástima! What a pity!

Qué pena! What a shame!

When meaning 'compasión' they are almost the same, maybe even interchangeable. However 'pena' has other connotations that 'lástima' doesn't have:

It can be a 'punishment', it can be a 'difficulty' and in several countries in Latin America it means 'embarrassment'.

A reply? depends really on what is a shame - if it's some-thing that's happened to a person you could say 'pobrecita/o' smile

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