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I'm taking a spanish course at my university and I would like to know how I can type the spanish accents using my laptop. I have a compaq laptop and my operating system is Windows Vista. Please, I really need to know this.

  • Posted Feb 4, 2009
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Guess what? I just learned to type the accents, and special punctuation marks, using the US-International Keyboard! Vikingo's little program somehow eased me into it. It must be that, because I've had the special keyboard downloaded for over a month now, and just couldn't get my brain to function to learn how to use it.

But it's easy--and now I have 2 easy ways to type the accents and special punctuation marks: that keyboard, and Vikingo's little program!

Steve, above, talks about how to add the keyboard and how easy it is to use. Also elsewhere on the forums is more how to. Here is one thread for more help with that. [url=http://my.spanishdict.com/forum/topic/show'id=1710195%3ATopic%3A516118]http://my.spanishdict.com/forum/topic/show'id=1710195%3ATopic%3A516118[/url]

See especially Quentin's posts.
Also on that thread, thanks to Foster referencing the very clear, how-to use the keyboard page:

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I put together some info on how to type accents a while ago that may help. See the last section on "Configuring the Windows keyboard layout" which is my favourite option: you essentially "pretend" to Windows that you're using a keyboard with accented characters. It doesn't matter that the keys don't physically have accent symbols printed on them so long as you can remember where they are!

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Hi Elizabeth

We use a Mac but I am sure the approach is similar. You can check it by going to Vista help and searching for keyboard mapping or keystrokes or keyboard shortcuts.

On ours we type the 'option' key + 'e' for the é accent followed by just the 'e' key. Pattern is to call the accent and then type the letter you want it over. Normally you don't see anything on screen until you type the second letter. First 2 key set is the modifier followed by the 'modified' letter in this case - 'é'

For the 'ñ' symbol we type the 'option' key again followed by the 'n' key as the modifier set followed by the n

For the ¿ symbol, we use 'option' + 'shift' + '''

For the '¡' symbol we use the 'option' key + '1' key (no shift to where you normally get the '!' key.

Those are the most common. Play with them, see what happens and maybe check your help files as noted

Good luck! Hasta luego!

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mira so ve a help en tu lap top y pregunta por simbolos extrangeros ahi te van a dar informacion y ademas te va adar una carta en la cual estan escritos tienes que presionar alt+4 digitos en la parte de los numerales ejemplo ñ se localiza precionando alt+0241

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The attached file has instructions on how to add and use the US international keyboard. There is more than one way to do things even with this keyboard layout, but if you use this, You don't even have to switch back and forth between multiple keyboards, althoiugh you can. If you just install this and stick with it, you can get all your accents and punctuation marks(ü,áéíóú,ñ,¿',¡! ) by using a single modifier key, the right alt key. The only one that isn't completely intuitive is the ü Which is right alt and y.

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Try this:

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Elizabeth, I love "this little program" below, by our very own Vikingo. Until I learn to touch-type the Spanish keyboard (if I ever really need to do that), it's working great for me.

Vikingo said:

Hi MJ, I made this little program a few days ago for people who just want easy access to the Spanish characters without having to install keyboards or learn cryptic "shortcuts". Does it work for you? You just run the file, there's no installation. Press ctrl+spacebar for the Spanish letters menu and choose one with the mouse or press the corresponding key. Good luck.


  • Well, holy crap. I joined this site just to say that this program works incredibly well. Thank you, and thank you, Vikingo! - agreiss Oct 18, 2013 flag
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I have a Compaq Laptop, and for me to type accent marks, I just press and hold control while pushing the apostophe (it is with the quotation mark), let go then push the letter you want accented.

For n with the squiggly line over it, push control tilde (squiggly line), let go, then push n; but for a capital N with the tilde, push control, shift, and tilde (squiggly line) at the same time, let go, then push n. For capital O and little o, use the same method only push the colon (with the semicolon) instead of the tilde.

For the question mark, its the question mark, but the upside down question mark for questions, push alt, control, shift, and the ? at the same time. For the exclamation point, use the same method as for the question mark, only use the exclamation point (with the number 1).

Good luck, and I hope this helped.

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