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what is the difference between a las and son las when telling the time

  • Posted Feb 5, 2009
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5 Answers

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a las = at xxx o'clock
son las = it's xxx o'clock

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thank you at 7 oclock
and it is 7 oclock

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....but be careful to speak of one o'clock in the singular. Well, sorry, you probably already know that.

What I do not know is whether one speaks of "la" una or "el uno" -- "a la una" o "al uno", "es la una" o "es el uno". - or something entirely different.

I guess that it must be "la una" because it is "a las xxx" and "son las xxx". I will try to look this up in my textbook. And I will look up "hour" to see what is its gender because that is probably what governs this use.

tony said:

thank you at 7 oclock and it is 7 oclock


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You're correct. They are all las..xxx horas.

Son las tres (horas). That's probably why time is translated as hora. ¿Qué o Cuál es la hora? ¿A qué hora es'

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Es la una.
Son las dos.
Son las tres.

a la una
a las dos
a las tres

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