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Using Rosetta Stone

Phrase: esta andando en una motocicleta

Looking for the meaning of andando?

Is it riding or moving on

Can andando be used for any thing you ride?


  • Posted Jan 29, 2009
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6 Answers

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Hi James,

"Andando" is the gerund form of "andar" which means "to walk", "to go".

I think that "está andando en una motocicleta" means "he/she is going by motorcycle." or "he/she is traveling by motorcycle."

Please correct me if I made any mistakes.



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Is it riding or moving on[']

Is there a difference in the context of a motorcycle?

It could mean "He's going around on a motorcycle" or "He is riding a motorcycle (at this very moment)."

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By the way, andar is used in the Americas to mean "ride," but apparently not in Spain, where the verb would be ir or montar (which are also used in the Americas).

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Está andando en motocicleta - he's/she's going by motorcycle

En latino américa we dont use much "andando" en motocicleta

It's mostly for past tense... "andaba en motocicleta" is a lil more common

we use
ir en motocicleta
manejar la motocicleta
montar en motocicleta


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Notice that i put andando en motoc, Not.... andando en UNA motoc

In this case is better using andando en motoc.... en UNA motoc is for something more specific (not necessary) but generally
for ex.
andando en una motoc roja
andando en una motoc muy grande

also -una- in this case can be "some"
andando en una motoc - going by some motorc (is not specified what kind of motorc)


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There's been quite a discussion about this before.


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