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What does "morocha" mean? Does it mean "dark-haired"? If so, is it latin-american spanish'

  • Posted Jan 16, 2009
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5 Answers

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morocho, cha.

(Del quechua muruch'u, variedad de maíz muy duro).

  1. adj. coloq. Am. Dicho de una persona: Robusta y bien conservada.
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The dictionary on this forum gives "dark - haired" as the meaning.


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Morocha / Morocho is an adjective that specifically describes people who have both dark skin and dark hair. Particularly in Argentina, the adjective makes a contrast with people who have a whiter skin tone (ie. from a more European bloodline).

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morocho/morocha means dark it is used as an adjective for persons . it is mainly used in south america.

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Given the context you mentioned, I agree with the answers given thus far. You should know, however, that in some Latin American countries "morocho(a)" means "twin".

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