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  • Posted Jan 22, 2009
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I use "con permiso" mostly to say "excuse me" when walking in front of people, etc.

Disculpe is literally "forgive," so you use it to apologize for something, as in "Disculpe mi tardanza," "I'm sorry I'm late."

Perdón is an interjection, like "Sorry!"

Disculparse con alguien is to apologize to somebody.

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All three could mean "excuse me" in different contexts.

"Disculpe" can be used to get someone's attention, used like "excuse me" with a waiter, shop keeper, etc.

"Con permiso" is the "excuse me" that means, "May I get by, please'" "Would you mind moving over a little'"

"Perdón" can mean "excuse me" when you bump into someone in a crowd or step on someone's toe.

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