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My textbook calls snow cones 'piraguas' but I looked it up in the dictionary and 'piragua' means canoe. Is 'piragua' really how most people say snow cone in Spanish?

  • Posted Jan 21, 2009
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in Spain we call them "granizadas". In Puerto Rico and New York, "piraguas". In Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela, "raspado".

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Creo que hay una palabra más que se usa: cucurucho.

Lazarus, ¿por qué está en la forma feminina la palabra granizada? ¿Cuál es el sustantivo que se modifica? Con "raspado" que se usa en México, obviamente se refiere al hielo, por lo cual es masculino.

Bay, snowcone is best written as one word. A snow cone would be un cono de nieve.

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Yes, a piragua is a snowcone. I live on the Island of Puerto Rico and that is what it is called. Many years ago a piragua was worth 10 cents. Now it's worth $2.00.

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