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Hola todos! Tengo una pregunta para ustedes. De dónde eres'

  • Posted Dec 13, 2007
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Subject: Re: Why ""EEUU"" and not "EUA" when "USA" is translated from Mexican Spanish?
Answered By: scriptor-ga on 11 May 2004 17:26 PDT
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Dear kerrykkerr,

"Estados Unidos" is abbreviated as "EEUU" (also: EE. UU.) because in
Spanish the abbreviation for a plural item doubles the letter of the
abbreviation. The same is done, for example, with the abbreviation for
"Fuerzas Armadas" (= Armed Forces), which is "FF. AA.", indicating
that the abbreviation relates to a plural term.
The English language knows this custom too, albeit in a few cases
only. For instance, the abbreviation for "page" in singular is "p.",
while "pages" in plural are abbreviated as "pp.".
Sometimes, however, the abbreviation "EUA" (Estados Unidos de América)
for the United States is indeed used in Spanish, but not often.

  • I got flag when I typed EEUU and I had to change it to Los Estados Unidos. I was told all caps was impolite. Is that true for abbreviations? - sanlee Apr 3, 2010 flag
  • I think it will work if you put a space between EE and UU, sanlee. - MacFadden May 8, 2010 flag
  • I think the instances of double lettering for abbreviations in English are really Latin abbreviations which are used in English. English doesn't do this with its own abbreviations. - MacFadden May 8, 2010 flag
  • Now that is interesting :) U learn something new everyday! - Kiwi-Girl May 24, 2010 flag
  • I've always known that you are supposed to use EEUU, but I never knew why... Thanks for posting Motley! - MeEncantanCa Nov 4, 2010 flag
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Hola, soy de Mexico, pero vivo en Carolina del Norte'... y tu'

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Soy de Mississippi, EEUU. Vivo en la ciudad Olive Branch.

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Soy de Seattle, Washington... de los EEUU.

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Soy del centro del Reino Unido, cerca de Birmingham, pero en ninguna parte cerca de Alabama, EE.UU..

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Que cuidad eres de'

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Soy de Hungría pero ahora resido en Carolina del Norte.

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Soy de Ingleterra pero ahora vivo en Miami.

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Soy de West Virginia, EEUU.

Ya vivo en West Virginia.

  • Yo vivo en West Virginia is what you were trying to say, right. When I type really fast I make a lot of mistakes, especially when typing in Spanish. - spanflyer Apr 3, 2010 flag
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Soy de Connecticut. Soy Puertoriqueño, en el año que viene me mudaré a Puerto Rico.

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Yo soy de Pensylvania, EEUU, pero vivo en Carolina del Norte ahora.

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Soy de Tallahassee, Florida en los EEUU.

  • Oh, send me some sunshine, Christopher! It is too cold here! - Brynleigh Dec 1, 2010 flag
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cerca Oldbury.

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Soy de Canadá

.beaver - Hi i am canadian Pictures, Images and Photos

Soy ciudadano Canadiense.

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Soy de Nueva Hampshire, y soy un ciudadano irlandés.

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